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Family Life in Pakistan

No description

Rachel Watkins

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Family Life in Pakistan

The extended family is the central social structure in Pakistani society.
In rural areas, extended family can be very large.
Recently in urban areas, the family has begun to consist of only the mother, father, and children.
Family Honor
Family honor determines the family's status in society.
Family matters are considered extremely private.
Aside from wealthy and middle class, Pakistani wives aren't usually seen in family photos with male famly members.
Family Life in Pakistan
Pakistani families are patrilineal.
An individual is only associated with their father's family, and that is where their loyalty remains.
Marriage is also affected by patrilineage.
Structure & Hierarchy
Biradari: A group of male kin (the patrilineage).
members of a biradari are residents of a single village.
they celebrate major life events together.
traditionally serve as a combined mutual aid society.
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