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DSBN Instructional Coaching Welcomes You!

The coaching role: June 2014

paulette alcox

on 15 June 2014

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Transcript of DSBN Instructional Coaching Welcomes You!

Before you hit the road...
Today's itinerary...
Get to know your travel companions
Spend some time sharing answers to these questions and others you may have.
An Entry Plan
What is being said about the coaching role?
A coach is... A coach isn't...
Check your GPS
What three words best describe or define the coach role, at different points in the journey?
Instructional Coaching
Highlight/ tab parts that surprised you / resonated with you.

Share within your group.
Let's take a break!
A Day in the life...
What might a day look like in September...in November?

What do you know now that you wish you had known then?
The Art of Coaching
Chapters 1-7 for sure... Whole book if you can!
DSBN Instructional Coaching
Welcomes You!
Stuff you need to know...
Have a peek in your travel bags...
Getting to know you
I said "yes" to coaching because...

I love to laugh at...
My favourite moment of the summer included...
The main reason I became a teacher is...
Most people don't know this, but...
My favourite [insert your own category] is...
The best lesson I ever taught was about...
If my weekend magically had 2 extra hours I would...
But not too much time! You have an assignment:
Gather qualitative and quantitative data about your team. Compile some of the data and report on it using an infographic. You may want to use magic.piktochart.com.
Something surprising that you all have in common
Are there parts of the video you disagree with? What parts of partnership seem that they will be most challenging? Why? How might you work to overcome those challenges?
by Jim Knight
Whole book!
advice from someone who has been there before
by Elena Aguilar
Who has been a coach in your life? What made their role impactful for you?
Read pages 17- 31
How is Transformative Coaching different than other models you have read about or experienced?
Comparison of coaching models: Directive/ Facilitative} Transformative
Developing an Elevator Speech for Coaching
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