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Sparta, the Smart Choice!

Sparta is a wonderful place for the whole family! Allow us to show you the wonder that is Sparta!

Katrina Froese

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Sparta, the Smart Choice!

Sparta A Wonderful Place to be! Education
Once you turn 30 you can participate in being a councilite (if can make it that long...)
You won't have to worry about making big decisions! We have people to do that for you! We don't have very many people here, so you get to know everyone better! Slaves! They work so you don't have to! Benefits! Participation! Education
Respect Here in Sparta, we participate because we care! Female Participation Male Participation Education and Athletics At the young age of 7, your children will begin their education in Athletics, hard work, and more! Education thi is really close Your kids get the great opportunity to become a part of our military at the young age of 7! We respect our women by allowing them make babies! Lots and lots of babies! Our slaves are only of the highest class. They come from a long line of our terrorists and have apoligized many times, but we decline because we would miss them as our slaves! If you have a request we'll be happy to hear it! It will only go through a long line of councilite, overseers and kings and if its not good enough, it won't even make it that far! But we try, because our peoples happiness is our most important priority! Not only that, but you won't have to go through the long process of finding that perfect someone. We'll choose him for you! Population: 108,000 + you! We'll protect you by killing the other city before they get to our wonderful city! Recreation! Here in Sparta, we enjoy starting battles we can't finish, raping Athenian women, and bullying others! Behavior Correctional Methods! If you or someone you know decides that you want to defy our rules we have a nice method of making sure it won't happen again! First, you will be taken on a nice little vacation to a place called Kaeadas. Here you will be fed Death morning, noon, and night! You will even be massaged and pampered by a small group of dead bodies. You get the great feeling of going into war everyday! Our kids play popular games like 'hurting each other until you cant stand it anymore!' Neighboring City-states! Athens Who needs their Education, Arts and Democratic lifestyle? We have WAR, GUTS and TOUGHNESS! Who cares about winning the fair way? Here in Sparta, our motto is 'play dirty and don't get caught!' Why would you need the Luxuries of life when you can be taught character by "roughing it" every night? Why would you want a choice in what career you pursue? Serving in the army is always the way to go! Respect Respect This is our specialty!
Sparta Gruel!
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