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Interview with Prof. Johnny Oh

No description

Azzam Aldakhil

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Interview with Prof. Johnny Oh

Professor Johnny Oh interviewed
by: Azzam Aldakhil and Atef

There are a lot of differences in communication modes between United States and Korea, and one of them is: in America they individualism, and they have more freedom, but in Korea they don't want to stand out so much in the crowd but they just blind in.
The nature of his job as the director of the Betty McDonald Premed program that he is the administrator of the Betty McDonald so he helps international student and provide them supplementary as well as helping them academically.
Professor Johnny Oh has a very busy schedule but he manages his schedule by managing his time, energy, and his effort
He faces a lot of problems being a non-American scholar because of the challenges he faces such as how to presented scholar and how to teach his materials the way that his student find interesting.
His research interest is about intercultural communication confidence and it means that we need more people that communicate and behave more probably so that they can achieve their goal by having less racism and less discrimination in their culture.
Who is Johnny Oh?
Johnny Oh, is a communication Professor at Southern Utah University. He is from South Korea, specifically from an island in the south called Jeju Island. He got his bachelor and master degrees in professional communication.
Thank you for your time and attention
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