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Disability Website Critique

No description

Jennifer Byrd

on 9 July 2013

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Transcript of Disability Website Critique

Internet Research Critique on Disability Websites

Jennifer Byrd

Emotional Disturbance
Resource for Teachers,
Students, and Families
Website put together by a group of teachers to use for their current and future ED students.
History of ED
At School
Modification in Classroom
Homework Strategies and Study Skills
Finding the right school
For Parents
Child Rights-Services
Parent Rights-Evaluation
Parents Rights-Eligibility& Refusal/Appeal
Support Groups
Other resources-parent advocacy & special education services information
For Teachers
Appropriate Interventions
Accomodations Typically Associated
Accomodation/Differentiation Strategies
Links to Teacher Forums, Information, Strategies
and Other Resources
Website put together by a group of teachers to use as a resource for current and future students with ED.
General Information
What it is
For Students
Strategies for students living with ED:
Music Thearapy
Famous people who live with ED
and More resources
Improving academic achievement
Collaboration with Parents
The Pros
Very user friendly
Resources provided for all affected by Emotional Disturbance
Written by teachers

The Cons
No newsletter or proof of updated material
Geared toward elementary age students
In some areas of website resources are limited.
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