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Jack Layton

No description

ashish puri

on 23 April 2011

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Transcript of Jack Layton

Jack layton
Retirement He will double the CPP from $11,000 per year to $22,000 per year. He will help a quarter-of-a-million seniors who
are below the poverty line by injecting $700 million into the Guaranteed Income Supplement. Health care Maintain the 6% escalator
in health care funding on a
10-year accord in 2014. Vote Jack Layton
for P.M. Contents Retirement
Hiring 1,200 doctors
and 6,000 nurses. Invest $80-million
to medical schools. Health Care They will help Canadians save their
money by decreasing the cost of
prescription medicines. Education Education "Now that's Canadian Leadership" Establish and fund a Canada-wide
child-care and learning program. Making post-secondary education more
affordable by directly attacking the high tution
costs with a designated $800-million to provinces
and territories to lower the tution fees. Raise the education tax credit from
4,800 per year to 5,760 per year to
help with increasing education costs. Increase the funding in the Canada Student Grants Program by $200-million a year and targetting accessibility to disabled, aboriginal, and low-income students, in particular. Employment Employment Create a Job Creation Tax Credit for employers worth up to $4,500 for every new hire, while extending the Accelerated Capital Cost Allowance for until 2015. Reduce the small business tax rate from 11 per cent to 9 per cent to support a sector of the economy that creates nearly half of all new jobs in Canada. Strengthen the Investment
Canada Act by reducing the threshold for investments subject to review to $100 million. Don't Vote...... The Conservatives The Liberals Green Party ....or Bloc Quebecois Vote N.D.P. By.Ashish Puri
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