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Japanese Notan Collage

Introduction to a studio collage project for middle school art

Heather Duffy

on 20 February 2017

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Transcript of Japanese Notan Collage

A Notan is a
Japanese collage
Collage: small pieces of cut paper arranged to make a larger image
A Notan collage emphasizes balance
between light and dark values.
So what might your
Notan look like?
Organic or Geometric
Abstract or
OK! Who remembers the Culture?
Today, while we make our
collages, let's try to...

... make a paper collage that
emphasizes balance between
light and dark, using organic
and geometric shapes and

A Principle of art that artists use to create
visual weight and equality in a work of art
Geometric Shapes have precise lines and
are sharply defined.
Organic Shapes are irregular or uneven, and often found in nature.
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