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The Film Industry

No description

Inveralmond chs

on 22 August 2014

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Transcript of The Film Industry

Film Performers
Actors interpret the words of a script and help bring the character to life. They are very much the face of the production. For some roles research is required to accurately portray the character however for other roles
the character is made during the rehearsals. They work with the directors to create natural believable characters based on the scriptwriters work. Actors have to be very flexible when applying for roles as they often have to play a large variety of characters.
Camera operators carry out the director of Photography and the directors instructions for shot composition and development. They are usually the first people to use the cameras eyepiece to assess how all the elements of performance, art direction, lighting, composition and camera movement come together to create the cinematic experience. During filming the operators are responsable
Film Costumes
Film Direction
Directors are given the important job role of creatively translating the films written script into real life images and sounds on the screen. Ultimately they are responsible for the films over all success or failure. Directors either personally write the script or commission it to be written alternatively they could be brought to the project after an early draft of the script. During pre production the directors make crucial decision for instance selecting the cast and location. Directors will also manage the technical aspects of the film like the filming and lighting. During the post production the director will work closely with the editors to cut scenes and work to reach a final cut of the project.
Film Props
The Film Industry

Film Production
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