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Foreign Object Damage Prevention

No description

Jake Guavez

on 29 July 2014

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Transcript of Foreign Object Damage Prevention

Main Causes of FOD
Main Causes of FOD
OD Prevention
Foreign Objects that are Hazards to aircraft
Foreign Object Damage (FOD) Prevention
Foreign Objects That are hazard to aircraft
Prepared by : Group 3
Richardson Saja
John Carlo Mortel
People are Failing to Clear Work Areas well and To keep Proper account of Hardware, safety wire,tools, etc., during each task.
Improperly installing rivets, screws and fasteners in front of and within the intake of the aircraft engine causes a great amount of FOD.
Poor clean up of ramps after high wind or heavy rain. Loose objects maybe blown or washed away onto ramps.
Aircraft Engine Hardwares
Miscellaneous Metals
Christian Jake Guavez
Andrea Garcia
Alberto Luis Gutierez
Timothy Paul Calimag
All personnel shall make sure that all tools, equipments,and hardware are accounted for at the end of each task.
OD Prevention
All personnel shall keep all working areas clean and free of debris and make a thorough clean-up of the area after each task is completed
OD Prevention
all personnel shall help keep areas clean by picking litter, even when just passing through.
Created By : Christian Jake Guavez
OD Prevention
All personnel shall not wear loose items of clothing or other items that could be drawn into intake ducts near running engines
OD Prevention
Mechanical Vacuum sweepers shall be used to clean ramps Daily
OD Prevention
All personnel working on the ramp shall be provided with FOD bags by their divisions. FOD bags shall be used for collecting hardware and other foreign objects while working on the ramp. FOD bags shall be emptied in waste receptacles provided in the hangar after each shift.
aviation snips
Rivet Gun
Air France Flight 4590
Laser Threatens the Pilot
Klark Serafica
Jason Muriel
Laurence Llaneta
Kyle Magnayon
Did you know?
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