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Romeo & Juliet- Modern Connection

No description

Some Guy

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Romeo & Juliet- Modern Connection

-Romeo & Juliet- Modern Connection-
By Matthew Dick and Sam Hankinson

With online dating, if there's a
certain person on there that you like,
you can easily lure that person to you just by changing your profile. (likes, dislikes, hobbies, ect.)

"If love be blind, love cannot hit the mark" -Mercutio, Act II, Scene I

-Reuters, Herald News, PC World, Washington Post, datingsitesreviews.com

"Online Dating Statistics" N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Feb. 2014
In Romeo and Juliet, the two main characters meet at a party, and it is instant love.

That night, they plan their marriage, and the next day, they are married.

A few days after, they commit suicide because they can't live without each other.
The connection
to modern times
A modern connection to Romeo and Juliet is online dating, Even though Romeo and Juliet met each other face to face, and got married.

People nowadays do all their soul searching online- and they think they've found that "perfect" guy or girl.

54% of dating site users have found someone that misrepresented themselves in their dating profile.

The total number of people that have tried online dating sites in the U.S. is about 41,250,000

71% of people believe in love at first sight.

“Love is a verb, not a noun. It is active. Love is not just feelings of passion and romance. It is behavior. If a man lies to you, he is behaving badly and unlovingly toward you. He is disrespecting you and your relationship. The words “I love you” are not enough to make up for that. Don’t kid yourself that they are.”

-Susan Forward, Goodreads.com

"Quotes About Liars." (60 Quotes). N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Feb. 2014.

You don't know who someone is online...
If Romeo and Juliet had escaped death, Would they have still been together? Would they have gotten sick of each other? In this scenario, Henry the Eighth comes to mind. When he got sick of his wives he "disposed" of them. Think about how fast Romeo got over Rosaline- If he were to still be alive would he have done that with Juliet? Would he have signed up for an online dating account if he were around today?
What you should know first...
"Online dating services usually provide unmoderated matchmaking over the Internet,It has quickly become an accepted way to meet a significant other."
Random Statistics
Type of hair color most people are attracted to:
Blonde 32 %
Brown 16 %
Black 16 %
Don’t Mind 16 %
Red 8 %
Bald 8 %
Gray 4 %
Percent of marriages in the last year in which the couple met on a dating site: 17 %
Percent of people who say they have dated more than one person simultaneously: 53 %
Men lie most about; Age, Height, Income
Women lie most about: Weight, Physical Build, Age
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