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Alexis Rodriguez

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Shakespeare

Shakespearean Examples in Modern Day Julie and Romeo Julie and Romeo is Romeo and Juliet with a twist. Rosemans and Cacciamanis are rival florists. Julie Roseman is forced, by family name, to despise the Cacciamanis. One day while she is at a conference in Boston she bumps into Romeo and thinks he is sweet, and soon love starts to bloom. This is a different version of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet because these two families are rivals and a member from one family ends up in relationship with a member from the other one. Taylor Swifts Love Story Taylor Swift, through the song "Love Story" falls in love and she represents "Juliet" and her lover is "Romeo". In the lyrics, "Romeo" says:

In the end, Juliet's dad finally accepts the love she has for "Romeo" This example is different because the song does not contain the plot exactly how it is written. Gnomeo and Juliet There are two gardens: Mrs.Montague's garden is completely blue. Mr.Capulet's garden is completely red. The gnomes hate each other and they are always in conflict. Gnomeo, from Mrs. Montague's blue garden, and Juliet, from Mr. Capulet's red garden, bump into each other and instantly fall in love. There is a major fight between the gnomes and they all thought Gnomeo and Juliet died during the fight . Although they really did not die, this close tragedy resulted in the acceptance of their love and they got married. There was a purple lawnmower in the end which symbolized the union between the two sides. This is similar to the original, showing starcrossed lovers and this forbidden love. The only exception is that there is not tragedy Lion King 2 Simba's daughter, Kiara, falls in love with a lion from a rival pride. They are forbidden to see each other but love is too powerful that they do meet each other secretly. Simba ends up accepting their love for each other and in the end, after the battle against the Outlands and Pridelands, Kovu and Kiara end up together and he ends up the king and Kiara the queen. This is like Romeo and Juliet because they are forbidden to see each other since they are rivals but the ending is completely different because they stopped the fighting and did what was right. Lion King Lion King is similar to Hamlet because Simba, just like Prince Hamlet, loses his father (like Mufasa). Scar, the villain is similar to Claudius, the brother of the king, and murders Mufasa. Mufasa and King Hamlet are both responsible and rule with peace. In both stories the brother of the king treats the queen badly and that's what makes Hamlet Jr.(Simba) finally stand up and do something about it. Falling for Hamlet Ophelia is a senior in high school and the girlfriend of Prince Hamlet. He then goes mad because of the mysterious death of his father. She rides a really crazy life because of the paparazzis surrounding her asking questions about Prince Hamlet. This is actually occurs during the times of Hamlet's dad's death and its mostly about her and her insane boyfriend Hamlet. Jordy Diaz
Alexis Rodriguez "Check Yes Juliet" by We The Kings "Hey Juliet" by LMNT "Check Yes Juliet" by We the Kings refers to a song that describes how a couple would rather run away rather than be forbidden to see each other. This relates to Romeo and Juliet because they also demonstrated how they would never accept the fact that they can never see each other. "Hey Juliet" By LMNT shares the story of a boy who wants to tell a girl he loves her by saying he wants to be her romeo.. Romeo felt the exact same way to Juliet by their love. READ!!!!!!!! Alexis,Im sorry I didn't do much but my internet is lagging crazy!!!!! All this took around an 30 min. Feel free to make any changes to your or your bother's liking. Try to add a cool video. :D Also try to arrange the frames so they can go around the globe theater. that way the entire prezi can be movig around. One last thing, try to show up tomorrow morning to ms laino same time. We will be done and just need the time to practice since we were never able to meet to do that. Im sure she will let us do just that. well, again im sorry for leaving you to do the rest but you know i suck at this especially since my internet sucks. Thanks We got this. :D "Marry me, Juliet,you'll never have to be alone. I love you,and thats all I really know. " Video
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