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Hana stewart

on 5 February 2010

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Transcript of punctuation

PUNCTUATION Punctuation marks are symbols that indicate the structure of written language

Apostrophe: the apostrophe has two functions

1.it can take the place of a missing letter. EG
Doesn't for does not 2.it marks the possessive of a noun
EG. the cat's whiskers full stop: question mark: Comma exclaimation mark speech marks this is used after you make a statement that indicates strong feelings this marks the end of a sentance a question mark
is used when you
ask a question or
to end a sentance these are used at the start and end of direct speech or a quote. the most common use of a
comma is in lists
another use is in dates
EG feb 3rd, 1997, The End! :) by Hana,
and Orlagh
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