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Interwar Europe Timeline

No description


on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of Interwar Europe Timeline

The "Great War" Begins
Excitement and Enthusiasm Build
The Great Depression
Inevitable leads to Hitler
and WW II
The "War to End All Wars" Ends
Disillusionment and Frustration Mount and the "mutilated peace" inevitably lead to WW II
Hitler Comes to Power in Germany
Mass Politics of Hate or Modern
State Building? Leads inevitable to
the Holocaust.
World War II Begins in Europe
The War that Continues to Breed Wars
What is Missing?
Just about everything!!
science and technology
film, painting, literature, architecture
leisure and entertainment
crime, punishment, state violence
radical politics
and much, MUCH more
This class is about people's lives between the wars, not the wars themselves. The modern state was essentially born in this era.
A Typical Understanding of the Interwar Period
Nothing in history is inevitable and rarely monocausal!
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