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Process for New or Innovative Product Introduction in Plexxus Hospitals

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Jacqueline Waters

on 18 January 2017

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Transcript of Process for New or Innovative Product Introduction in Plexxus Hospitals

Supplier develops desire within hospital to trial or purchase new product
Supplier identifies champion within hospital
Champion works through Hospital internal approval process to trial or purchase product
Approval process through Hospital Standardization & Product Evaluation Committee (SPEC)
Approval for use of product is likely within Champion's hierarchy
Champion determines whether they wish to trial or purchase the product and informs Plexxus
Plexxus determines current contract situations for like product
Plexxus informs Champion of flexibility of contract and sourcing options
Champion estimates quantity and spend and creates purchase requisition
Plexxus to negotiate a trial agreement
Champion engages Plexxus
Once the Purchase Requisition is approved
Plexxus executes sourcing strategy
Purchase Order
Plexxus engages with Supplier to negotiate a trial agreement
Hospital completes trial
Continued use of product is desired
Hospital does not wish to use product ongoing
Plexxus confirms current contract allowance based on Hospital volume and use and advises of additional sourcing activity
Project is complete and supplier is notified that no further engagement will occur
Process for New Or Innovative Product Introduction in Plexxus Hospitals
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