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The Last Dog on Earth (Book Report)

No description

Haley Nichols

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of The Last Dog on Earth (Book Report)

Let's Introduce Logan Logan hates a lot of things, especially his step-dad Robert. Robert doesn't like Logan and always gives him trouble. We're Getting A Dog! After a disaster at a neighbour's BBQ, Robert decides to get a dog to teach Logan discipline. Robert wants Logan to get a purebred. Shelter Rescue Logan convinced his mother that rescuing a dog from the shelter would be better than buying one from a breeder. They go to the shelter and end up getting a wild dog after Logan and she, connect. Most dogs now have a deadly disease. Robert Turned Hulk Robert is furious about getting Jack, a female wild dog. After, Logan begins Jack's training. Whole Milk Causes Catastrophe Logan is sent to the store to get whole milk. There is a huge catastrophe (Read the book to find out!)that breaks Robert. He sends Logan to boot camp. Jack Escapes Robert and Mom lock Jack in the dirt cellar when Logan goes to camp. Jack digs out and starts her journey to track Logan. Meanwhile, Logan is thinking about running away from camp. Runaways Now Jack found Logan, who did run away from camp, and they started to the town that Logan thought his real dad lived. On the way there, Logan sees a truck full of dead...dogs. He's Got a Scientist for a Dad When they get there, Logan's dad turns out to be a scientist. The people at his old collage are looking for an immune dog to make an antidote for POS, the disease that is killing the dogs. Rating I give this book a four, because, yes it was very good, but it gave me a sad strange feeling about dogs. I myself have a dog, and I love dogs. I don't like reading about the dog species dying out. Name and Class Name: H.N
Class: 7A Bibliography Prezi and the book;
The Last Dog on Earth by Daniel Ehrenhaft The Last Dog on Earth By: Daniel Ehrenhaft Immunity Jack is in very bad shape, but she is indeed, immune. They head to the college.
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