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Bus 1110

No description

Adam Gallen

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Bus 1110

Information Technology The Impact of Information Technology The Impact of The Internet on Marketing IT Risks and Threats Preventing ID Theft Enabling Increased Collaboration Avoiding Viruses By: Adam, Mark, Jeff, Elliott and Aaron Creating Portable Offices Creating Leaner, More Efficient Organizations Enabling Global Exchange Improving Management Process Providing Flexibility For Customization Providing New Business Opportunities Social Networking IT Building Blocks Intranet Electric Conferencing WIFI Hardware and Software Networks Member (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Information Systems Information Systems For Managers

Hackers ID Theft Intellectual Property Theft Viruses, Worms and Trojans IT Protection Measures Firewalls IT Risks and Threats Learning Objectives
What are the IT threats today.
Where can they come from.
Who commits Intellectual Property theft that you know?
Is it me and don’t know it?
Clearly explain the difference between Viruses, Worms and Trojans.
Is Spam a greater threat than most expected? Break and Enter……
Cyber criminals who gains unauthorized access to a computer or network, either to steal money, trade secrets, or property or to tamper with data.

Wireless Mooching not smooching!
Unprotected networks become
the victims and risk losing it all. In 2001 the federal government created privacy legislation in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) What's the number one crime in the world today?
Identity Theft:
Unauthorized stealing of personal information to get loans, credit cards, or other monetary benefits by impersonating the victim. *Note*
According to the US Intelligence Agency, Chinese spies steal about 40-50 billion worth of IP each year. IT Risks and Threats Have you committed a crime?

Intellectual Property Theft:
A product of the mind that has commercial value.
Music and movies are two very common offences. IT Risks and Threats Firewalls
Security system with special software or hardware devices designed to keep computers safe from hackers.

Two components for filtering each incoming data:
The company’s security policy – Access rules that identify every type of message that the company doesn’t want to pass through the firewall.
A router – A table of available routes or paths, a “traffic switch” that determines which routes or paths on the network to send each message to after it is tested against the security policy. Key Points What is Intranet and Extranet What are the benefits of Electronic Conferencing Networks and how they work Pros and Cons of WIFI Types of Hardware and Software to benefit a business An intranet is a private, internal business network that allows authorized people to gather, share and collaborate to improve communication within those people that can access the information. Intranets can be accessed anywhere that you have internet Extranet Extranets are similar to intranets but allow key customers, suppliers and partnered companies to access information They can be accessed from anywhere as well Electronic conferencing allows a group of people to communicate at the same time using email, phone or video. -WIFI are hotspots that you can connect to the internet with a cellphone, tablet, laptop Etc. in certain locations such as a house, coffee shop or office Hardware is any physical component that can be used with a computer such as printers, keyboards, and monitors or anything else that is connected to a computer. Software is the essential components of a computer and tells the computer how to function Networks connect computers to each other or things such as the internet or a printer. There are 3 types of networks LAN's, WAN's and Wireless Networks Growth of IT has changed the very structure of business organizations
Altered workforces
Greater flexibility with customers
Changed how employees interact with each other

Bolstering productivity
Improving processes and operations
Create new opportunities
Communicate in ways that have never been possible before E-Commerce: The buying and selling processes that make use of electronic technology
Internet Marketing: The promotional efforts of companies to sell their products over the internet

Digital customer data & Electronic Customer Relationship Management systems (ECRM)
Search engine marketing, search engine optimization
Banner ads, email marketing, mobile advertising

Pros for buyers: access to information, convenience
Pros for sellers: reach, direct distribution
Cons: information overload for customers, profitability problems, limited markets, security issues (credit card and personal information Right now it is possible to access almost all important information formally found from many sources (schedules, contact information, maps, email, phone calls, internet service, customer and employee information) on one electronic device (Blackberry, IPhone, etc).

Mobile messaging capabilities offer businesses powerful tools to save time and travel expenses.

There is an immense amount of apps available to meet the different needs of businesses and consumers Access to the internet gives companies the ability to have activities geographically scattered but stay connected through network systems to provide more efficient and better service for the customer

Businesses can coordinate all activities through a centralized location and have their deliveries flow from several different locations as if everything was located at one place, instead of having to ship orders to the centralized location before delivery Enabling Better Service by Coordinating Remote Deliveries Networking technology is leading to leaner companies with fewer employees with simpler structures

Networks enable firms to maintain better links between employees and customers so more work and satisfaction can be accomplished with less people (24hr banking, electronic instructions, electronic workstations, electronic notices for trucking) Collaborating among internal units and outside firms increases when firms use collaboration software and other IT communication devices

Companies are learning that complex problems are better solved through IT supported collaboration

Example: The creation of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft was the result of collaboration between engineers, passengers, cabin crews, and air traffic controllers – the designing of new products becomes a shared activity to collectively find the best design. IT Risks and Threats Viruses
A virus is one of three harmful programs that attach itself to programs and files.
Viruses travel from computer to computer through file sharing but don’t infect your computer until opened.
A worm is another threat that travels from computer to computer however the threat is greater due to the fact it replicates itself and does not require anyone to open a file.
A worm can travel through the internet and email address books in a network
Trojan Horses
Unlike Viruses and Worms, Trojan Horses do not replicate themselves.
Most often a Trojan is installed under your unknowingly request.

*Note* All three threats can cause loss of files, data and even computer shutdown.
Trash bins are a hot spot for potential thieves.
Be cognizant of receipts and documents your throw away.
Do you need all of the personal documents in your wallet or purse?
Remove any unnecessary identification that you don’t require on a daily basis.
Change your address ASAP when you move locations.
Contact your local post office to insure your documents will be delivered to the correct secure location.
Most identify theft occurs over the internet.
Be very cautious of unauthorized emails that ask for personal information or for you to authorize approvals. Preventing Viruses, Worms & Trojans
When was the last time you updated your system?
The first and most important protection measure is to ensure your running the most up to date operating system (OS).
Anti-virus Software:
Use an anti-virus program such as Norton that has the latest technology to detect and eliminate a threat.
Software that has the ability to scan emails and files downloaded from the internet is also a plus to maximize protection.
Encryption System:
An encryption system works by scrabbling an email message so that it looks like garbled nonsense to anyone who doesn’t possess the key. IT Risks and Threats Avoiding Spam and Spyware: What can be done to protect you?
The use of anti-spyware products such as Microsoft Windows Defender.
Computer security devices such as:
Spam filters
Data encryption
More and more organizations are forming IT departments to keep the company updated with new technologies and current protection measures. Being able to coordinate, communicate, and work together on a global scale allows for diversification and collaboration to increase potential in new markets and help old ones grow Companies can communicate with each other from across the world to coordinate business operation plans in new markets that weren’t so easily accessible. Technology has improved the ways mangers can do their jobs more efficiently with different programs forms of logging and networks Upper Managers can check deliveries, check productivity levels, and analyze company progress Middle Managers can organize shipping schedules, check for new deliveries First-Line Managers process and organize delivery routes and check delivery status New manufacturing capabilities have created ways so that a customer can fully customize their product they want to buy Types of customization: Pro-Direct Soccer has created a website where you can build your own custom pair of soccer boots ranging from size, colour and shape to name embroidery, type of fabric, and type of stud Creating new business opportunities: Allowing new ways to be "greener" or more efficient Newer or more customized products Offering new types of services or improved Creating new or improved products help organize, save time and money Improving the World and our lives Technology changes everyday constantly improving or changing daily Healthcare Cellphones, computers, tablets Etc. Computer programs, software, and hardware Using social networking as a business platform Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Getting your name out there as a new entrepreneur Marketing, feedback, and hiring Thank You Team TBA Information Systems [IS]-A system that uses IT resources to convert data into information and to collect, process, and transmit that information for use in decision making.
Data Warehousing + Data Mining:
Almost everything you do leaves a trail of information.
Data Warehousing:
It is a gold mine of information
Wal-Mart has a storage capacity of over 570 Terabytes. That’s larger than all the web pages on the Internet.
Data Mining:
The application of electronic technologies for searching, sifting, and reorganizing pools of data to uncover useful information.
By mining data in the data warehouse, managers can better plan for new products; set prices and identify trends and shopping patterns. Types of Information Systems The term information system is actually something of ambiguity, as it suggests that there is only one type

In most cases Management uses specialized information systems for each aspect of their job Information Systems For Knowledge Workers: Knowledge workers such as engineers and scientists are employees for whom information and knowledge are the raw materials of their work. Knowledge Information Systems: Information Systems that support knowledge workers by providing resources to create, store, use and transmit new knowledge for useful applications. Word processing programs, spreadsheets, graphics and desktop publishing are examples of this system Specialized support systems such as Computer-Aided Design [CAD]

Management Information Systems[MISs]: Computer system that supports managers by providing information-reports, schedules, plans, and budgets-that can be used for making decisions Decision Support Systems[DSS]
Interactive system that creates virtual business models for a particular kind of decision and tests them with different data to see how they respond. Artificial Intelligence[AI] Refers to the development of computer systems to imitate human behavior-in other words, systems that perform physical tasks, use thought process and learn. Expert System: A Form of AI designed to imitate the thought processes of human experts in a particular field.
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