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EAPP I Gender Inequality

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ka shing ma

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of EAPP I Gender Inequality

Gender stereotype
Happened from the ancient time
People setting roles for different gender.
E.g. male should be strong, female should stay at home, etc.

English for Academic and Professional Purposes Part I
Gender Inequality
Fixed image:
Men strong and are outsider
Women weak and are insider

Character of police or fireman Act by actor
Cooking related advertisement Women to represent it
Women character of TV drama Usually weak & dependence on the men.
Gender inequality in media
Prepared by-
Marcus Ma Ka Shing (10587647)
Wong Wai Yan (10587166)
Harry Tang Long Hay (10587172)
Joyce Au Wing Yan (10587447)
Ronald So Yat Long (10587032)
Charlotte Liu Sum In (10586517)

2.Change in gender image through time
3.Gender inequality in media
a.Film - Disney movies
b.Pop music
c.TV dramas - Arab TV
4. Conclusion
Change in gender image through time
Change in gender image through time
How can we notice the inequality in our society?
Purpose of the topic
Emily Alpert Reyes : ‘Men are stuck' in gender roles, data suggest. LA Times 26 Dec. 2013. 12 Apr. 2014 <http://articles.latimes.com/2013/dec/26/local/la-me-one-way-gender-revolution-20131227>
Kara Chan: “Advertising and Hong Kong Society”. The Chinese University press.2006
Nelke, Astrid: “Changes in Gender Roles in the Media” (September 23, 2011). Mediatized Gender - Gender Perspectives on Mediatized Societies, September 2011.
Saeanna Chingamuka, Danny Glenwright : “Gender and Media Diversity Journal. Gender Popular Culture and Media Freedom.” Gender Links.2012
Ward, Annalee R.: “Mouse Morality. The Rhetoric of Disney Animated Film.” University of Texas Press,2002
Worth, Robert F.: "Arab TV Tests Societies' Limits With Depictions of Sex and Equality." The New York Times 26 Sept. 2008. Mon. 7 April 2014. <http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/27/world/middleeast/27beirut.html?_r=0>

English for Academic and Professional Purposes Part I (88240-0220)

Assignment 3 -
Group Presentation
1.What is gender inequality and gender stereotype?
2.How can we notice the inequality in our society?
3.Purpose of the topic

People are treated differently according to their gender.
Gender discrimination
1.What is gender inequality and gender stereotype?
2.How can we notice the inequality in our society?
3.Purpose of the topic

Emily Alpert Reyes : ‘Men are stuck' in gender roles, data suggest. LA Times 26 Dec. 2013.
Gender roles are expended
Women can do things that man could do
E.g. studying, working, etc. (banned at the past for women)
The role of male is still remain unchanged
E.g. home-fathers vs working mothers

1.What is gender inequality and gender stereotype?
2.How can we notice the inequality in our society?
3.Purpose of the topic

Media can indicate the change of the society
Changes of gender role can be noticed through the images of gender in the media

Change in gender image through time
Cooking related advertisement
Change in gender image through time
Cooking related advertisement
Using women to represent it
Dependence on the men
Women are weak

Gender images:more equal & less fixed image

BUT some fixed element still continued
Change in gender image through time
Change in gender image through time
Character of fireman (TV drama, film
Women participate

Cooking related advertisement

Chief: men
Rice cooker advertisement: men
Change in gender image through time
Fixed element
Fixed concept of ‘Housewife’
Women body materialized
Change in gender image through time
Fixed Element
Gender inequality in media
Disney Movies Indicate Gender Inequality
Gender Stereotype
Male Chauvinism

Gender Role
Male Heroism
Submissive women

Disney Movies Gender Stereotyping
Gender Role
The male character always be the heroes and saved the delicate female character.
Sub-conclusion of gender inequality in film
We can though Walt Disney movies to indicate the gender inequality in film
In Walt Disney movies: The Gender Stereotyping and Gender Role
Affect the people’s perception towards the figures of male and female

Disney Movies
Disney Movies Gender Stereotyping


Gender stereotyping in male power and female weak.
The media should play the significant role
Publicize the priority of women’s inner beauties & intellectual capacities
Pop music
In average, teens spent 40 hours a week listening to music.

Ideas of pop music
cultivated into
people’s mind

Pop music

Worldwide influence
Degrading status of women as a garniture of men
Women act sexually while men act aggressively in music videos
Men superior to women; women as the inferior gender

Pop music: Hip-Hop

In music videos

The figure of popular Female singer: outlook

Sexy body figure
Slim , long hair
Smooth body movement
Tender voice

Powerful movement
Heavy voice
lyrics :
Gender inequality in media


The figure of popular Male singer : outlook
willing to take initiative
deceived by men

Britney Spears:
I’m a slave for you

Taylor Swift:
I got tired of waiting,wondering
if you were ever coming around

“And my daddy said, Stay away from Juliet", and "I talked to your dad/ go pick out a white dress
Gender stereotype in pop music
Popular music in Hong Kong : English songs, K-pop
Are promoting gender roles
Affecting people’s point of view towards gender

Gender inequality in media
Saudi cleric denounced “Noor”

“Replete with evil, wickedness, moral collapse and a war on the virtues.”

Barred Muslims from watching “Noor”
Gender inequality in media
‘Noor’ - dubbed Turkish series
Drink wine with dinner
Have premarital sex
Abortion (cousins)
The main actor respects his wife
Treats as an equal
Supports her job(fashion designer)

Gender inequality in media
“Noor” audiences
>51 million women over 15
>Half the total number of adult women

The single most popular television drama ever shown in the Arab world.
Gender inequality in media
Gender inequality in media
TV dramas (Arab TV)
The Last Cavalier
Bab al-Hara
Gender inequality in media
Advertisements in Hong Kong
Beauty Advertisements

Gender inequality in media
According to the survey
In 2000s:
90% of the local ads still contain the message of gender inequality

The Pan-Asian Phenomenon
Gender inequality in media
Women statuses are highly related to the Capitalism.
E.g. the skin whitening & body slimming ads

Create the symbolic meanings
Shape the gender image towards women
Gender inequality in media
Construct the concept of objectification on women
Consider women as merchandise
Gender inequality in media
Emphasize the necessity of having the white skin, the slim and sexy body
If not, they will be considered as the inferiors in the society, workplace and bisexual relationship

Gender inequality in media
Reinforce & strengthen
Traditional gender stereotype and the importance of the external beauty for women

Only lead to the disregarding of
Personal abilities & capabilities of female
Traditional gender stereotype still exist in different types of media

Gender Equality is still a new concept
The Movement for Gender Equality has started at the end of the 19th century
Deep rooted impression
Difficult to subvert the traditional gender stereotype
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