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The Internet Presentation Slides

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Chin Liu Jing

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of The Internet Presentation Slides

Picture and video albums:
- to put videos and images,
for example Youtube.
Obstacle 1
Obstacle 2
Obstacle 3
What is it
Services of the web 2.0
- To save all the information in the net and execute applications like the digital presentations, digital texts.

- The most famous applications was the Google Docs.
Publish and share photos and videos
Geolocation and Georeference
a worlwide, publicly accessible network of interconnected computer networks that transmit data using the standard Internet Protocol (IP)
uses the standard Internet protocol suite to serve billions of users worlwide
Allows people to send and receive data wherever they are in the world if they have internet access.
Allow connectivity from literally everywhere on earth-even ships at sea and in outer space.
Purposes of using it...
Research -
Downloading or listening to music - sites such as 4shared
Talking to friends -
using programmes such as Facebook and Twitter.
Online shopping -
buying items without leaving your home.
Watching videos -
1. Allows easy and quick access to information.

2. Enables user to access files and information from any computer anywhere in the world.

3. People can check financial information, purchase products, talk to people and much more online.

4. Downloading music-quick and easy

5. User can send information quickly from computer to computer.
1. It promotes violence and bad behaviour within society, as it contains violent videos and other disturbing images.

2. It can encourage negative activities such as pornography, these things can be explored more openly due to the internet.

3,It stops children from going out, as they wish to stay home and use the internet to talk to friends etc
The value of the internet for media instituitions
Allow customers etc to make online accounts and buy products and buy products online.
To create their own website which can give clien
Advertise online which gives them further promotion.
The two terms (Internet and World Wide Web) are not synonymous.
World Wide Web
A global set of documents, images and other resources, logically interrelated by hyperlinks and referenced with Uniform Resources Indentifiers (URIs).
Hypertext Transfer 
Protocol (HTTP)
Main access protocol of WWW

Only one of the hundreds of 
communication protocols used on 
the  Internet

Use HTTP to allow software systems  to communicate in order to share and exchange business logic and data.
Electronic mail,or email
Concept of sending electronic text messages  between parties in a way analogous to mailing letters or momes
Predates the creation of the
Pictures, documents and other file

cc-ed to multiple email addresses
File sharing
Transferring large amounts of data across the internet.
Can be uploaded to a website or FTP server for easy download by others.
1. Access to the file
- controlled by user authentication

2. Transit of the file over the Internet
- obsored by encryption

3. Money
- change hands for access to the file.
Data Transfer
Net 2.0 is the succesor of web 1.0,

-Net 1.0: only download
-Net 2.0: download and upload
RSS(Really Simple Syndication):
- to see the notices
- notices and
events in sound
LCMS(Learning and Contents Management System):
- to learn in the web.
- refers to the geography localitation, like GPS, Google Maps...

P2P(Peer to Peer):
- transfer the thing between computers directly
Online Applications:
- Isn´t necessary to install in the computer.
For examples :
- spreadsheets, web page editors...
Wikis and blogs
Simple persons write their text and can edite the texts of others persons, the most famous is Wikipedia

- To publish your opinion,you can put videos, sounds
- Most famous is Blogger
- In internet, there are a lot of places to publish photos, one of the fits is Flickr.

- There are a lot of projects which allows to publish digital images, for example Animalandia.
Image bank
- Take photos free of rights

- For example: one image bank like that is created by: National Center of Educative Information and Communication.
- Was the first and the most important web

- You can put your videos or see other videos.

- To upload a video you have to open an account.
What are Podcasts?
- Digital media files, either audio or video, that are typically delivered via a Web feed (RSS feed);

-They can also be directly downloaded.

- Users can subscribe to the RSS feed to receive regular updates when new episodes are released using a podcasting software application.
What is RSS?
- A format for delivering regularly changing web content.

- Many news-related sites, weblogs and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it.
- The identification of the real-world geographic location of an object, such as a radar, mobile phone or an Internet-connected computer terminal.
To define somethings existence in physical space.
The need for training at anytime and anywhere, do appear systems that allow lessons and the learning denominated
- A social application to work in the PC.

- Recognize Open Office.org´s and Microsoft
Office´s formats.
Click Zone
- To work in the net, the teacher upload exercises to this page and student can do exercises at home, to use this program is necessary to have Java.
- An application created by Ministry of education and Science.

- To work at mathematics and to use we can have Java and internet connection.

- If we haven´t got internet connection we can download to the HDD (Hard Disc).
P2P Nets
- Networks in which all or some aspects work without permanent clients.

- To communicate, interchanged documents and download archives.

- To use this type of application we use IP voice telephony.
- To do calls by internet. This type of calls are cheaper because it doesn´t matter the distance between the two persons.

- Application - Skype.
Skype works with direct connection between the persons. These type of calls we can do with the computers or with the smartphones.
- To interchange archives but is necessary to have programs to do this.

- One of this programs, surely the most important was the Bit Torrent.

- Some distributions of Linux, for example, Ubuntu include this type of applications.
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