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The Odyssey and Alice in Wonderland

No description

Henry Wong

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of The Odyssey and Alice in Wonderland

Journeys HomeComing Constructive realisation about
themselves or society. Homecoming Physical and
emotional Overcoming
adversity Simply an instance of
returning home. Reunion of
a character Some sort of
happy ending. Discover an unknown
quality about themselves By Homer retold by Robin Lister The Odyssey Battle
of Troy Lotus-Eaters Blinded
Cyclops Witch-goddess
Circe Underworld Sirens Scylla &
Charybdis Phaecian
Island Home in Ithaca after 20 years Murder of
Suitors . So this is his adventure home: 700 B.C.E. The Iliad Poseidon favours Trojans
Odysseus destroys them Also by Homer NO gods helped me
conquer Troy! I helped the most!
You are nothing without us gods! The Journey “After twenty long years of war, wandering and captivity, he, Odysseus, was coming home.” “I shall tell you my own story, the story of my wanderings, of the ten years that I’ve spent trying to get home.” The Odyssey, Homer,Pg. 8 The Odyssey, Homer, Pg. 33 The Journey “’A curse on you, little Greek, and on all your companions!’ roared the Cyclops, shaking with rage. ‘Hear me, my father, Poseidon the earth shaker, and grant your son his hearfelt prayer. May Odysseus never see his home again; however, if he’s fated to return, make sure that his journey’s long and miserable, that all his companions die and that his is a bitter homecoming.’” The Odyssey, Homer, Pg. 50 cont'd Poseidon Odysseus "The vessel exploded and those men not killed by the blast were drowned. I alone survived… But I held on and waited for one hour then another." The Odyssey, Homer, Pg. 96-97 Testing Odysseus The Odyssey, Homer, Pg. 99 "It was a more heavenly place, fit for a god, and Calypso was more beautiful than any mortal woman. But it was not my home and deep in my heart I was sad." } Never Give Up Resiliency } Faithful Characteristic Importance of Home 2010 A.D. Based on Lewis Carrol's novels This is what happens: Unwanted
proposal confused
about life { } a Lord
and rich Falls down rabbit hole She's the
wrong Alice! Only she can slay
the Jabberwocky I don't
slay! To the
Mad-Hatter! Mad Hatter
and others
captured Alice meets
the Red Queen Everyone is freed.
Alice takes Vorpal Sword Alice meets
the White Queen Should Alice fight or not? War Declared Alice slays Jabberwocky
White Queen's power restored. Alice returns home.
Becomes apprentice. About the Trojan War The Journey The Rabbit Hole Scene Character point-of-view shots
running through a dense forest.
Adventurous, uplifting soundtrack

Down the rabbit hole helpless
bookshelves, books, piano, bed, lamps
never-ending hole. Getting
There Falling
in { Indicates JOURNEY The Journey cont'd "You’re not the same as you were before. You were much more...much more muchier...you’ve lost your muchness. In there. Something’s missing." As the Mad-Hatter says: Alice in Wonderland, Tim Burton, 2010 Emotional journey: recognising what she wants in life. Film's Purpose: establish the journey from which Alice is able to realize and discover herself. { Alice's Trials "Lost my muchness have I?" Alice in Wonderland, Tim Burton, 2010 Courage & Confidence Alice's Trials Absolem & Alice Chat Encourages Alice Finds the Right Alice She CAN slay But I cannot. There are questions I
have to answer. And things I still must do. Alice in Wonderland, Tim Burton, 2010 Alice Says: Alice's Trials To home or not
to home? Balance between
Dreams or Reality? She knows
what to do now! Difficulties and struggles: Odysseus: “…You were stupid enough to believe me. Now I want you to know that it wasn’t Noman who blinded you but Odysseus, son of Laertes, the destroyer of Troy.” Satisfy his
hunger for glory. strength,
sharp intellect,
thirst for glory. greatest flaw Example test of his worthiness as a hero.
Usually by triggering temptation The Odyssey, Homer, Pg. 50 Submits
to temptation Reveals his name Difference Returns home ‘Journey’ to Wonderland: Struggling to find her identity as an individual in society.
to discover what she aspires to in life. Alice: unpretentious,
confused Doesn't know what to do with life Chopping off Jabberwocky's Head Stronger-willed Empowered she becomes Greater Confidence More Courage Alice makes her own decisions: Example: able to follow her ambitions. individual Similarity Both Journeys Struggles Conflict Times of
Hardship Change & Growth By Henry Wong
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