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Boston Massacre

No description

Dandre Watson

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Boston Massacre

Boston Massacre 1770
Dandre Watson
January 13, 2014
3rd Period

Why did Revere misrepresent what happened
Paul Revere's print did not accurately describe what happened on March 5, 1770
He called the incident a massacre to stir up feelings against the British government
The cartoon was the only way that the colonists who didn't witness the event could make an opinion about the incident
This cartoon is what you called political propaganda.
Propaganda is information that is biased or misleading that is used to promote a particular political point of view
Paul Revere
Paul Revere printed "The Bloody Massacre perpetrated in King Street"
He advertised his prints for sale in Boston's newspapers three weeks after the occurence
Boston Massacre
The Boston Massacre was a riot that began when the people of Boston threatened British customs officials who were trying to collect taxes. The British sent their troops to Boston to protect their officials. The crowd insulted and threw snowballs at the crowd, and the troops fired into the crowd, killing five and woundng six others. The citizens of Boston demanded that the troops be removed, and the governor withdrew the soldiers from the city.
Why is this considered a milestone in America's road to independence
The Boston Massacre is considered a milestone in America's road to indepence because it was the first powerful influence in forming an anti-British public opinion
How did this cartoon help lead to the American Revolution
This cartoon help led to the American Revolution because it got the colonists angry at the British.
The colonies did not want to live in a country where they feared for their lives
In the cartoon, you can see that some British troops are firing their guns into a crowd of Bostonians.
The smoke portrayed in the cartoon describes the amount of violence going on at the scene
The Boston Massacre really wasn't a massacre, it was just called that to stir up the colonists feelings towards the British. Paul Revere wanted the colonists to stand up for themselves, and creating this political cartoon helped them to do that.
People of Boston
British Troops
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