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Star Girl Plot Map

No description

Joseph Juncaj

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Star Girl Plot Map

CLIMAX Stargirl Plot Map In the beginning MAHS
was a... normal high school.
Most people didn't have their
own personality until Stargirl
came. At first she was ignored
because she was... different. Leo moved with his family
to Arizona. Now, in eleventh
grade he's a popular student,
with his best friend Kevin. They
have a school talk show, The Hot Seat. Expedition Stargirl starts getting some recognition for her unusual acts. People start sitting with her at the lunch table. Suddenly she starts getting the attention of Kevin who wants her on the Hot Seat. Soon Leo goes to Stargirl's house, he gets over his shyness. They start to talk and bond. Eventually, Leo agrees to put Stargirl on the Hot Seat... which is the most brilliant idea in the world. The jury ravage her with insults and questions. Soon the students start feeling the same way as the jury. Soon after Leo, Stargirl's boyfriend, tells her
no one likes her because she is different, she
decides to change. She becomes Susan, a "normal" teenage girl. She seems to start to be accepted by everyone... emphasis on "seems." She takes Leo to the National Oratorical Contest. She wins with flying colors, and boasts on the way home how she will be celebrated. Although, the only person waiting is Dori Dilson Rising Action Falling Action Resolution ... well sort of Stargirl becomes normal Stargirl again... well as normal as Stargirl gets. Her and Dori Dilson continue to be abnormal. Although Leo seems to keep his distance. The school dance comes around and Leo doesn't take Stargirl. While there she seems to "ruins" Hillari's night, and well gets backhanded... well I mean it's a front hand but... whatever. That is also the last time anyone sees Stargirl. After 15 years Leo goes to Archie and since Stargirl left that's all they talked about. They go to bury Barny, and the next time Leo goes to Archie's home, it's a school house.
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