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Family Values in the 1950s

No description

Patrick Jordan

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Family Values in the 1950s

Family Values in the 1950s Gender Roles Many couples married after the end of World War II
These families often moved into suburbs
The concept of the nuclear family began to dominate American society (2 parents and their children)
Men typically were the the only ones in the household to hold a job - they were seen as the leader of the home
Women were expected to stay at home, keep the house clean, make meals for the family and look after the children Expectations of Children Large families were common after World War II
The "baby boom" generation consisted of children born between 1946 and 1964
Children were expected to behave an obedient way
An emphasis on proper behavior was seen during the 1950s
Children were expected to do well in school and at home
The desired behavior of children was reinforced through popular television programs (i.e., Leave it to Beaver) Leave it to Beaver Television show on the air from 1957-1963
Demonstrated the family structure of the 1950s
While watching the video, write down the themes that you see that are related to families structures in the 1950s. Poll Everywhere Question! Please take out your phones, laptops, iPads, etc.
Choose your favorite theme (4 words or less) and text Poll Everywhere with your response
Text 586539 and your response to 22333 or...
Type 586539 and your response on http://PollEv.com http://www.polleverywhere.com/free_text_polls/xR9ukONVO1XUljG
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