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RA #7796

No description

Mia Calma

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of RA #7796

Technical Education and Skills Development Authority Republic Act No. 7796 Section 1 – Title This act shall be known as the “Technical Education and Skills Development Act of 1994” or “TESDA Act of 1994” Section 3 – Statements of Objectives •Promote and strengthen
Section 5 –
Technical Education and Skills Development Authority; Creation To implement the policy, TESDA shall replace and absorb the:
•National Manpower and Youth Council (NMYC)
•Bureau of Technical and Vocational Education (BTVE)
•Technical Vocational education in the regional offices of the DECS
•Apprenticeship program of the Bureau of Local Employment of the DOLE Section 7 – Composition of TESDA Board Section 8 – Powers and
Functions of the Board The Board shall have the following powers: Section 12 –
Deputy Directors-General •The D-G shall be assisted by 2 Deputy D-G•One Deputy D-G is responsible for Vocational and Technical Education and Training and the other one is for Policies and Planning•Deputy D-G is equivalent to Assistant Secretary Section 17 – Consultants and Technical Assistance, Publication and Research
Section 18 – Transfer of Apprenticeship Program
Section 19 – Technical Education and Skills Development Committees
Section 20 – Skills Development Centers
Section 21 – Formulation of Comprehensive Development Plan for Middle-Level Manpower
Section 22 – Establishment and Administration of National Trade Skills Standards
Section 23 – Administration of Training Programs
Section 24 – Assistance to Employers and Organizations

Section 36 – Implementing Rules and GuidelinesThe TESDA board shall issue within a period of 90 days after the effectivity of this act, the rules and regulations for the effective implementation of this act
Section 37 – Repealing Clause
Section 38 – Separability Clause
Section 39 – EffectivityThis act shall take effect fifteen days after its complete publication in 2 newspapers of general circulation. This act, which is a consolidation of Senate Bill No. 1283 and House Bill No. 12194, was proposed by the Senate and the House of Representatives on August 23, 1994
Approved: August 23, 1994
Section 2 – Declaration of Policy It is hereby declared the policy of the State to provide relevant, accessible, high quality and efficient technical education and skills development in support of the development of high quality Filipino middle-level manpower responsive to and in accordance with Philippine development goals and properties. Section 4 – Definition of Terms •Skill
•Skills Development
•Technical Education
•Middle-Level Manpower
•Private Enterprises
•Trainees •Apprenticeship
•Apprenticeship Agreement
•Apprenticeable Occupation
•User-Led or Market-Driven Strategy
•Dual System/Training
•Levy Grant System

Section 6 – Composition of the Authority The authority shall be composed of the TESDA Board and Secretariat. Chairperson – DOLE Co-chairperson – DECS Co-chairperson – DTI Members – Dept of Agriculture Members – DILG Director-General of TESDA Secretariat – Member In addition,
• 2 women representatives from the employer/industry organization
• 3 representatives from labor sector (1 should be a woman)
• 2 representatives of the national associations of private technical-vocational education and training institutions (1 should be a woman) •promulgate•organize and constitute•enter into, make, execute, perform and carry-out
• establish and administer
• establish, develop and support
• lend support and encourage
• allocate resources
• determine and approve funding Section 9 – Power to Review and Recommend Action The Authority shall review and recommend action in proposed technical assistance programs Section 10 – The TESDA
Secretariat Section 11 – Director-General •The TESDA Secretariat shall be headed by a Director-General who is a member of the TESDA board.•The Dir-Gen shall be appointed by the President of the Philippines•The Dir-Gen shall exercise general supervision and control over its technical and administrative personnel Section 13 – Chief of Services
for Administration Chief of Services assist the D-G for Administration Section 14 – Structural Organization
and Personnel Chief of Services  Executive Director (head – Director IV) Section 15 – The Provincial
TESDA Offices •The provincial offices are headed by Skill Development Officers or Director III•The provincial officers are directly under the direct control of the Dir-Gen Section 16 – Compliance with the Salaries Standardization Law The compensation and emoluments of the officials and employees of the authority shall be in accordance with the salary standardization law. Section 25 – Coordination of All Skills Training Schemes
Section 26 – Industry Boards
Section 27 – Incentive Schemes
Section 28 – Skills Development Opportunities
Section 29 – Devolution of TESDA’s Training function to Local Governments
Section 30 – Skills Olympics Section 31 – the TESDA Development Fund •A onetime lump sum appropriate for Nat’l Government•An annual contribution from the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration Fund
•Donations, grants, endowments and other benefits or gift and other income generated by the authority Section 32 – Scholarship Grants
The authority shall adopt a system of allocation and funding of scholarship grants
Section 33 – TESDA Budget
The amount necessary to finance the initial implementation of this act shall be changed against the existing appropriations of NMYC and BTVE
Section 34 – Transitory Provisions
Within 2 months after the approval of this Act, will appoint the Director General and other officers
Section 35 – Automatic Review
After 5 years the effectivity of the act will be reviewed by an independent review panel and will make necessary recommendations
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