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The Glass Menagerie

No description

Kelsey C.

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of The Glass Menagerie

Anna, Ben, Kelsey, Lucas The Glass Menagerie Analysis of Characters Amanda Wingfield Analysis of Characters (cont.) “gentleman caller”
Works with Tom
Engaged to another woman Yes Analysis of the Setting Saint Louis Concluding Remarks Mother
Searches for control
Wants the children to be happy and successful
Doesn’t give her kids the freedom to be successful and happy Laura Wingfield Daughter
Close to her mother since she was little
Crippled physically and limps because of it
Socially immature because she always stays at home and plays with her glass menagerie collection
NOTE: the disability is not stated; however it is inferred that it is side-effect from polio Father
Not a real character in the play, but has an overshadowing presence for Tom and his mother
Portrayed as a picture on the wall above the fireplace as a reference for the characters when talking about him Son
Lives under his mother’s influence to become less like his father
Inevitably becomes more like his father everyday
Always arguing with his mother about “going to the movies”
“going to the movies” is never really explained
His escape from the Wingfield household
Acknowledges that he has a “poet’s weakness for symbols” Jim O' Connor Tom Wingfield Mr. Wingfield Wingfield apartment Examination of the Plot Amanda is trying to set up a gentleman caller for Laura Tom brings his friend to be the gentleman caller for Laura as his mom requested Theme Sometimes reality is difficult to accept Amanda cannot accept that Laura will not get a gentleman caller because of her disability and that Tom will inevitably turn out to be like his father Laura cannot accept the fact that she has a disability so she secludes herself from others. Tom cannot accept the fact that his mother cares for him and only wants the best for him (even though she does smother him a little too much) Jim cannot accept the fact that life goes on even though he may not be ready for it Literary Devices Irony Symbolism Tom being like his father Laura and the glass menagerie The fire escape Classic? or not? Timeless themes over-controlling parent(s) Alcohol in The Glass Menagerie
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