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Culture Shock, Third Cultures, Hybrid Cultures and Multicult

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Keshet B

on 9 February 2017

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Transcript of Culture Shock, Third Cultures, Hybrid Cultures and Multicult

Culture Shock, Third Cultures, Hybrid Cultures and Multicultural Relationships
by Keshet Benschikovski and Claire Kepley
What is a third culture kid?
Third Culture Kids
and questions...

1. Do you believe someone can be "transracial?" Why or why not?
2. What are your thoughts on the changing perception of gender roles in the media?
3. To what degree has culture shock played a role in your life? If it has not, have you known someone who it has?
*****AN ACTIVITY ********
"The Year We Obsessed Over Identity"
-"The Intern" --> presents Robert De Niro as a feminist--> touches on a shift and merging of gender roles in the media
-"Transparent" --> "instantly beloved"
-"Hamilton"--> black actors portray white historical figures
-"Do uncouthness, detachment and promiscuity make her a slut, or a man?
-"Rachel Dolezal"--> transracial?
-Barack Obama --> "Barack Obama's election was the dynamite that broke open the country. It was a moment. It was the moment. Obama was biological proof of some kind of progress...We were changing"
---> "During Obama's past year in office, those works of art have taken on an even darker, more troubled tone as we keep looking around and seeing how little has really changed"
-"To Kill A Mockingbird" --> Atticus Finch "single-handedly fought racism" but then in "Go Set a Watchman" he becomes racist with age --> begs the question: if you identified with him, does that now make you racist? -- Had white people thinking about race as much as non-white people
-"Key & Peele" --> shift to a more melancholy commentary on racial issues that culminated in an incredibly dark yet socially relevant final episode "Negrotown"
--> white people "granting permission. Allowing."

The Obsession Over Identity
How has 'Diversity' lost its meaning?

Through a combination of:




Self-serving intentions-
Has Diversity Lost Its Meaning?
Leading Across Boarders Takes More than a Multicultural Background
What is Diversity?


Is 50/50 too high?
-"At Home Abroad" -> Reactions differing from US to Europe
Example: "How do you know English so well?" in US vs. just walking through with French passport when entering England
-Also known as "Global Nomad"
-"An increasingly large group of individuals who have spent a significant portion of their formative years overseas"
-Many sons and daughters of business executives, diplomats, military officials and missionaries
-Inexplicable bond between TCK's

Question: Is there a group or "type" of person with whom you have an "inexplicable bond?"

"The quality or state of having many different forms, types, and ideas"
White, male Americans are the default, everyone else are the 'others'

- "A small amount (of diversity) is enough"
**Ex) Racial composition of residential neighborhoods in Detroit **
What are the effects of 'diversity' in society?
At work:
Employers get to benefit off of "racial capitalism"
Employees feel like they have to 'represent their minority identity while conforming to the majority one'
Many people of color are told they were only hired for diversity

In the Media:
People of color are often cast to play stereotypical roles that misrepresent their culture
Famous white actors are often cast to play characters of different races
Uttering the word makes it a reality
Misunderstanding of what diversity really means
'Moral Credibility'
'Diversity has become a cliché'
Cosimo Turroturro
(Italian-Serbian grew up in Germany):

Lacks empathy for those who struggle adapting to different cultures

Tim Shen (Chinese American)

Fluent Mandarin
Looks and sounds Chinese
No understanding of cultural norms
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