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No description

meese nguyen

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of Health

For physical health in my daily lives i don't do much physical so , what i do sometimes is be my family maid and walk around giving people water , food or carry there stuff up stair for my grandma , Its a great run . but most of the time i' m lazy after school .
WHEN I'm feeling down i most of times talk to somebody like my friends , or sister/brother. But most of the time my friends because it weird for me to ask a family member and it becomes weird . Oh and if i' m feeling down i mostly just fall asleep and forget it the next day.
I do a lot of social health i talk to my friends like everyday and go on facebook and text, and i call my friends sometimes to ,well more like everyday . When someone is talking i respects them as always .
I guess i have a high self-esteem i don't really get sad easy, I always try to find the way out of problem because there always an answer to any problem just got to figure it out . I really enjoy trying new things because it fun you know , cause you never if your good at it or not.
MY mom always make me pray everyday , most of the times i lie to her and says that i pray but i really don't hehe i'M EVIL . But yea sometimes i do pray i'm not a big fat liar. i pray like only ten times just saying. My mom pray like 450 times . I feel a shame of myself oh well.
MY room is like super clean i make sure it nice and neat , having a dirty space is sooo not me, i recycle so don't worry . OH i make sure my trash are in the trash can unlike my brothers.
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