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Monopolitec-create a game

iTEC Scenrio Cycle 4 'create a game"

laurence bernard

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Monopolitec-create a game

Create a Game MonopoliTEC 1- DREAM The Hasbro Inc. has selected your application
as a MonopoliTEC game-designer and sends you your first mission!
"Design a new monopoly-like board-game on the topic of the English-speaking islands of the Caribbean."
The game will use both geolocalisation and QR Codes. 2-Team up - Think about the perfect team for your game-design project.
- What skills will you need to achieve your project 3- Research - Start exploring the web to look up for information
and ideas for your game.

- Explore Google Maps to find places of interest

- Use http://www.the-qrcode-generator.com/ to create your own QR codes or the QR Code Widget 4- Mindmapping - Get your notes organized with a collaborative mindmapping activity.

- Mindmap your design project, using either a web application (MindMup on Google Drive) or crayons. 5- Design
- Decide what version (board or digital)
you want to design, draft your game.

- Share tasks among your team to design
your prototype About the game:
- 2 to 4 players aged 12-16
- 1 board of 12 squares
- 4 tokens
- 1 die (or die-application)
- Bank notes
- 1 set of 10 chance cards
- The rules of the game The team needs .... -> Someone who can......................
-> Someone who is capable of........
-> Someone who knows how to.............
-> Someone who owns..............
-> Someone who....................... -Manage tasks within your team, for each step of the design process :

-> W will...
-> X will ....
-> Y wil...
-> Z wil..... - Collect all information, links and pictures
on Google Drive and on Edmodo.

- Name files with care in your team's folder. -Manage tasks within your team, for each step of the designing process :

-> W will...
-> X will ....
-> Y wil...
-> Z wil..... 6- Question - Test your prototype amongst your friends outside of school.

- How did other people respond to the game? What positive and negative aspects did they point out to you. 7- Revise - Make all necessary changes
to improve the game. - Make sure all spelling or grammar mistakes on all cards and squares have been corrected

- Add as many precisions as necessary to the rules, so that anyone can easily understand how to play and win the game as well as what devices and applications are required.

- Write the final version of the Design Brief Sheet + audio report and post them on Edmodo. 8- Show This is the Day...

- Have other students play your game and have fun live at the annual "Junior-High Visit Day" at Montgerald. Players will use their own Android devices Thank you for your cooperation...

This Prezi was created by Laurence Bernard as part of the iTEC project, cycle 4, march-june 2013

For more information please visit http://www.cndp.fr/itec/
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