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No description

william rooks

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of mars

Come to the Dusty Resort Mars INTERESTING CHARACTERISTICS 1.Sled on mountains
2.trip to the moons THINGS TO DO COOL/HOT FACKS GUEST REVIEWS WHY COME HERE? 1.The distance from the sun & earth via mars changes throughout orbit,the closest mars has ever approached earth was 56 million kilometers.
2.Has polar ice caps.
3.Mars is not all red dust & rocks.
4.The largest crater is Schiaparelli. 1The diameter of Mars is 6,792 km.
2. Revolution is 88 Earth days.
3.Length of day:24.5 hours
4.Surface temp:20 degrees (day)&-90 degrees (night)
5.# Of satellites:2 By.William Rooks So you can see earth from mars Skate on the polar ice caps.
Dust castle building contest because there is lots of red dust
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