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20 Reasons to Ship Skyle

because shipping people I know is a thing I do.

Megan Macklemore

on 4 May 2014

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Transcript of 20 Reasons to Ship Skyle

an original list by Abitha
"u suck"
it's totes a love hate relationship
she knows his birthday!!111 and he wished her a happy birthday!!!11
dem snapchats
literally sujeeka's feed is basically just @kenniferjuice

they're both like super attached to their phoness
grade 7's ship it so it must be real
sujeeka gets all defensive and stuff when people accuse her of liking kyle and she's all like "no i dontttt godd okay you guiseeeeeee" and she like fixes her hair and like does all this random fake stuff to cover it uppp
they're best friends so they love and care about each other anyway!!!!1111
if one of them died the other would be really lonely because love :(((((
they both procrastinate sooo?????
why else would they try to cover it up and why else would so many people ship it
kyle likes sujee's hair (source; that twitter conversation where kyle asked sujeeka about curling her hair)
they have secret code names for everyone
around them except each other because love
they always notice new things about each other like new clothes and new twitter headers and stuff like dat (and they might even give each other fashion advice and share wishlists and stuff because love)
they dont even talk in real life because love
they have their own fan following and fanfiction because they be da cutest couple at skewl
that sexual tension when they see each other in the hallway and give each other looks
kyle was "soops" sad when he found out sujeeka was going to bayview and that he didnt get in because he wanted them to be together forever
they lend each other books because sharing is caring (and thats basically like sharing clothes in cute relationships okay?)

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