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Weeping Women

He painted the weeping women because there was the Spanish civil war going on and he was expressing what was going on during the war by painting the horrible things that were happening around him.

austin devaney

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Weeping Women

This painting is relevant today as there have been disastrous wars and thousands and millions of people killed. There have been men left behind in the war and thousands of families left without a mum, dad or both.
In this present day there are still wars going on in afghanistan with al-Qaeda fighting against the Americans soldiers, Australian soldiers and many others. How is this relevant today?
The use of colour in this picture is VERY important as it describes what is happening to the woman. The white paint around her mouth signifies either a handkerchief or as a lot of other people think, she is biting into glass signifying that something really bad or traumatic has happened to her. Also the contrast with the colours help the picture out showing the different emotions she is going through.

The technique that Picasso has used is cubism. This technique is known all over the world and is very famous because of this picture. It describes the weeping woman way more than just painting normally because you see the details in her face and the expression is more emphasised. As you can see cubism is a very good technique in this painting.

Signs and Symbols
Cubism shows signs and symbols in the weeping woman because of the cubes and shapes in the painting. You can see inside the ladies eyes that it symbolizes fear and sadness. The white paint is a sign as it shows that the woman is pale with fright and fear because her baby had died. As you can see there are many signs and symbols in the Weeping Woman. Explain what the use of colour, techniques, signs and symbols mean to the audience. The art style used by Picasso is Cubism. The Art Style Used by Picasso Cubism is a 20th century new art style that has inspired other artists to follow Picasso and create cubism paintings of their own; the cubism art style is renowned all over the world and has inspired related arts such as: sculpturing, architecture, literature and music to do the same. The founders and pioneers of this cubist art include:
Pablo Picasso,
Paul Cezanne and
Georges Braque
Cubism was influenced by the art primitivism, Iberian and African art and using shapes such as cones, spheres and cylinders they broke it up, analyzed it and re-configured it to be an abstract form of art. Events that influenced Picasso to make 'the Weeping Woman' The events that influenced Picasso to make the Weeping Woman are: One of the reasons why Picasso painted the 'Weeping Woman' was that there was a Civil war happening in Spain and the deaths and the horrific scenes that he had seen gave him the inspiration to paint the 'Weeping Woman'.
Another reason why Picasso painted the 'Weeping Woman' was not as much because of the War in Spain but because he saw a woman weeping, holding her dead son in her arms and because of this he started to paint the picture of a woman overwhelmed by tragedy and pain as he saw in that lady.
Lastly, another reason why he made the 'Weeping Woman' was to show the consequences of what would happen in the war and after it as well. The Weeping Woman
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