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Arctic Food Web

No description

Nick varenbut

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Arctic Food Web

Arctic Food Web-By Nick Sun Energy Source Decomposer /Detritivore Producer Primary Consumer Secondary Consumer Tertiary Consumer The sun provides energy for all the producers. Mushroom Mushrooms break down all of the plants and animals when they have died. into smaller pieces Fly (Decomposer) The fly consumes the waste of other animals. (Detritivore) Bacteria (Decomposer) Bacteria breaks animals and plants down into smaller pieces when they have died. Raven (Scavenger) Arctic The arctic raven eats the remaining of a dead animal after another finishes eating it. Purple saxifrage (Producer) (Energy Source) Purple saxifrage is a plant that gets eaten by an arctic hare. Grass and sedge (Producer) Grass and sedge gets eaten by the arctic hare. Arctic willow (Producer) The arctic willow gets eaten by the arctic hare. Arctic Hare (Primary consumer) Small Fish (Primary Consumer) The small fish gets eaten by the polar bear, bearded seal, big fish and other small fish. Small Fish (Primary Consumer) The small fish gets eaten by the polar bear, bearded seal, big fish and other small fish. Ermine( Secondary consumer) The Ermine Gets eaten by the snowy Owl. Arctic Fox (Secondary Consumer) The arctic fox gets eaten by the arctic wolf. The arctic hare gets eaten by the arctic fox, arctic wolf, Snowy owl, and the Ermine. Bearded Seal (Secondary Consumer) The bearded seal gets eaten by a polar bear and arctic wolf. Big Fish (Secondary Consumer) The big fish gets eaten by the polar bear and the bearded seal. Snowy Owl (secondary consumer) The snowy owl gets eaten by the Ermine, Arctic fox and arctic wolf. Polar bear (Tertiary Consumer) The polar bear doesnt get eaten by anything it just dies at old age. Arctic Wolf (Tertiary Consumer) The Arctic wolf doesnt get eaten by anything, it just dies at old age. Facts about the Arctic 2. There are 36563 islands in the arctic. The biggest one baffin island. 3. There is an arctic ice sheet that is 4 times bigger than the state of texas. 1. There are approximately 1.5 million people in the arctic. 4. The arctic gets roughly 8 inches of rain every year. 5. The coldest temperature in the arctic recorded was -67.8 degrees celcius.
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