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Life Science #1


Lauri Marek

on 1 March 2011

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Transcript of Life Science #1

Life Science Interdependency 5.9 A
Observe the way organisms live and survive in their ecosystem by interacting with the living and
non-living elements. Living things are called organisms. Plants and animals are living things. Habitats and ecosystems describe the environments where organisms live, grow, develop, and reproduce. Organisms interact with non-living elements. Non-living elements include: The habitat must meet the needs of the organisms that live there. An organism's basic needs include water, food, shelter, and space. If an organism's needs are being met, the organism will thrive. If the organism's needs are not being met, the organism must adapt to the environment, move to a new environment, or it will perish. Therefore, all plants and animals are organisms. Sunlight Air Water Rocks Organisms interact with each other in their environment. Often, they interact with organisms of the same kind. An ecosystem is the populations of organisms interacting with each other and interacting with the non-living elements in the environment. A species is a group of organisms that can produce offspring like themselves. A population of organisms represents all the organisms of the same species that live in the same place at the same time. All of the different populations of organisms that live in the same place at the same time form a community. A community of organisms on the African plain might include a population of giraffes, zebras, acacia trees, and many other species.
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