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Electronic Dance Music

No description

Jessica Rigassio

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Electronic Dance Music

The Next Rock & Roll
Electronic Dance Music Astounding Growth
Top 10 Highest Paid DJ's In The World
Electronic "Cash Kings"
10) Avicii - $7million
9) Afrojack- $9million
8) Kaskade- $10million
7) DJ Pauly D- $11million
6) Deadmau5- $11.5million
5) Steve Aoki- $12million
4) David Guetta- $13.5million
3) SHM- $14million
2) Skrillex- $15million
1) Tiesto- $22million
(Forbes Magazine)
Also known as EDM

This is the "Rock & Roll" of 15-25 year olds

Multi-million dollar industry

culture is encapsulated by it's followers and the concerts, festivals, and party atmosphere
Quick Facts
Grammy Nomination, & Featured Performer at Lollapalooza
Pauly D-
Clothing line, Tanning lotion, Audio Headphone line with 50 cent, REMIX (Pre-Game cocktail in partnership with grey goose), Spinoff Series "The Pauly D Project)
Best selling artist on Beatport with 30,000 digital downloads
Steve Aoki-
Founder of Dim Mak Records, Co-owns a management company DECKSTAR, heir to the Benihana fortune
David Guetta-
endorsement deal with HP to showcase the TouchPad, appeared in a TV commercial, print and billboard advertising, Two videos.
First electronic act to headline at Madison Square Garden
Won 3 Grammy award, 2011 MTV Electronic Dance Music Artist of the Year
Own label "Black Hole Recordings", First DJ to ever play live on stage at the olympics
Electronic dance music “EDM” is categorized by music journalists and fans alike as an ever-evolving plethora of named genres, styles and sub-styles. With many types of dance music, the number of beats per minute (BPM) helps define a separation between genres. The presence of vocals, live instrumentation vs synthetic instrumentation, and pattern of drum beats also help differentiate genres of electronic dance music. Some genres, such as Electro, Eurodance, Techno, House, Trance, Hardstyle, breakbeat, drum and bass are primarily intended to promote dancing. Others, such as IDM, Dubstep, glitch and trip hop, are more experimental and tend to be associated more with focused listening than dancing.

What Is Electronic Dance Music?
What is E.D.M and Who Is Responsible For The Rapid Growth Within The Music Industry?
E.D.M's Focus on Experience
Individuality of DJ's
Lastly, How E.D.M Has Merged Into Other Industries
Today, we are going to talk about:
"High-energy waves of mechanized sound that, at it's best, creates a communal experience for a sea of strangers"
-Sisario, New York Times Magazine
"If you're 15 to 25 years old now, this is your Rock 'n' Roll" -
Rapino CEO, Live Nation Entertainment
Communal Experience
All about reveling in the pulsating bass and waving glow sticks in the dark
EDM Music Festivals should NOT be compared to concerts
a) Typically no seating
b) Goal is to avoid turning this phenomenon into existing concert business
c) No soul behind that, EDM is all about experience

"The eclectic group of DJs, ranging from Dillon Francis to Above & Beyond, fueled the fire with mind-bending light shows, confetti, pyrotechnics and everything in between." - Jason, REVERBNation

"Festivals are all about exploration and discovery."- Jason, REVERBNation
Have To See It To Believe It
Electronic Dance Music is in a league of it's own
Each EDM DJ has a duty to capture an identity of their own
Dog Eat World
Marketing & Advertising industries are hopping on the EDM bandwagon, realizing it has become a lucrative trend bringing tons of cities business, especially Las Vegas
Merging Success
1) Electric Daisy Carnival: Two-day event held at MetLife Stadium. Sold 60,000 tickets at $100and^ in only three hours. Sold Out Event

2) Ultra Music Festival: Miami, Florida. Sold 150,000 tickets 6 weeks before the event. Sold Out.

3) Electric Zoo: NYC Biggest 3-day Music Festival held at Randall's Island Park, 85,000 people, ticket prices $100and^
Music Festivals
EDM has found it's way into the sport of gymnastics, helping gymnasts around the world achieve high scores during competitions
Integration Into Sports
EDM In A Nutshell
Electronic Dance Music is catagorized as an ever-evolving plethora of named genres, styles, and sub-styles
Multi-million dollar industry
Las Vegas embraced the new trend
Music Festivals

Creates a communal experience for a sea of strangers
Have to see it to believe it
Fueled by mind-bending light shows, confetti, pyrotechnics, & everything in between

EDM superstars strive to capture their own identities

EDM has taken the Marketing, Advertising, and Sports industries by storm
What Electronic Dance Music Tour was near MU last year in Early March?
Think About It
What Electronic Dance Music festival is held in Miami, Florida towards the end of March?
What Electronic Dance Music carnival completely sold out MetLife Stadium in the matter of three hours?
What EDM DJ was the first ever to headline at Madison Square Garden?
What Would Your Life Be Like?
Stereotypes surrounding EDM such as ...
1) Drugs
2) Alcohol
3) Whatever else negative you can think of
What We Are Not Covering Today
Maybe Electronic Dance Music is not your cup of tea, but if you didn't have your cup of tea, could you even imagine what your life would be like?


One last note to leave you on ...
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