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Othello: A Parallel Text Love Triangle Assignment

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Cara Deabreu

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Othello: A Parallel Text Love Triangle Assignment

Othello: A Parallel Text
Love Triangle Assignment

How it Happened
The odd thing about this particular love story is that it's not exactly a triangle. The entire "relationship" between Desdemona and her friend Cassio was made up from the mischievous Iago. After being turned down for Lieutenant and positioned as Othello's ensign, Iago took his anger onto a whole new level by conducting a plan despite the horrific outcome.
The Final Seed
The last piece of evidence used to define the relationship between Cassio and Desdemona was the mistaken conversation set up by Iago. After being in shock for discovering his love was "cheating", Iago told Othello to hide behind the curtain and overhear Cassio talk about his times with "Desdemona". Cassio being completely unaware of what depth the conversation held, bluntly talked about Bianca and how he had no respect for her; only using her for sex. Iago trying to make it seem as though Cassio's talking about Desdemona changed the context to fit Othello's description of Desdemona and the relationship.
As one of the most commonly seen love triangles throughout Shakespeare's play-writing history, the love courtship that was wistfully misunderstood by the acts of Iago consisted of Othello, Desdemona, and Cassio.
Characteristics/ Background of Iago
Iago- Immoral, abusive to women, impulsive, greedy, perceptive, manipulative

Although Iago's initial motives were to simply become reinstated to a higher rank in the military, his true colours evidently became shown. Iago got taken away with his plan and didn't care for his friends, his own wife, and especially Roderigo who helped him by conducting Iago's dirty work.

Leading Up To The Outcome
Iago used a variety of methods to fully convince Othello that Desdemona was indeed cheating on him. The first seed planted was Cassio's dream. Iago completely made up the entire dream by explaining that he overheard Cassio in his sleep sighing and whispering about him and Desdemona's love being hidden. He then presumably told Othello the next morning he was wiping his precious handkerchief along his beard.
Leading Up To The Outcome- Seed 2
The Catastrophic Love Triangle Of Othello
~Act IV, Scene I, Line 255~
Othello shows his abusive side by striking Desdemona after receiving a letter that he must return to Venice and turn his position over to Cassio
Although the play was initially named after him, many contradict Iago is the truthfully main character due to the storyline consistently revolved around his scheme
Born of Moor nationality, an officer in the Venetian military
A middle aged eloquent man undone by jealousy and pride
Brabantio's daughter, Othello's wife
Much younger and delicate than Othello
Has a maiden named Emilia which happens to be Iago's wife
Venetian woman & best friends with Cassio
Othello's Lieutenant
Has a casual relationship with a courtesan Bianca
Charming, good-looking man
Close friends with Desdemona
Venetian courtier whose been accused of an affair with Desdemona
Who loves who?
The second seed that was planted to convince Othello was the missing handkerchief passed down from his mother. This possession can be seen as a theme throughout the play indicating a use of Black Magic. It's been stated that an old egyptian witch cursed it and told Othello's mother that if she were to ever lose it, harm would come to her marriage. After her death she passed it along to Othello and he gave it to Desdemona as their first gift. After attending to Othello's headache it was dropped on the ground and found by Desdemona's handmaiden Emilia. She then tried copying the embroidery before Iago snatched it out of her hand and planted it with Cassio.
The Ending Result: Outcome
Talk about extreme much, after the final straw Othello concluded that the only way to make himself feel better was to kill Cassio & Desdemona. He then refers to it as a "sacrifice", even though its evidently first-degree murder. Iago volunteers to take care of Cassio's death while Othello deals with Desdemona. After barely confronting her and having all the pieces to the puzzle Othello fulfills his plan and murders his own wife. Moreover Iago's last part of the plan is to kill Cassio and Roderigo unsurprisingly helped him do it. In the end Roderigo died while Cassio lived with an injury. The final result ended in the Death of Emilia, Roderigo, Desdemona, and Othello.
Famous Quotes
"O' Beware, my lord, of jealousy: it is the green-ey'd monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on"- Iago Act III, Scene III
I kiss'd thee ere I kill'd thee: no way but this, killing myself to die upon a kisss- Othello Act V, Scene II
But while I say one prayer!- Desdemona Act V, Scene II
The Hunger Games
The piece of literature/ media I chose to present my comparison love triangle is to Susan Collins trilogy: The Hunger Games. This love triangle exists between Katniss Everdeen, Gale Hawthorne, and Peeta Mellark.
The books starts off with Katniss and Gale. The way the story's described, there is some sort of emotional connection between the two. After being drawn for the annual Hunger Games, Katniss and Peeta embark on a journey to not only save themselves, but each other. Haymitch conducts a plan to produce a love-romance between the two characters turning them into the Capital's favorites. After winning the games and managing to save both themselves they return to a world they never knew could exist. Fame, fortune, and President Snow were waiting for them outside the game's walls. The love triangle takes a complete twist when Katniss starts to develop real feelings for Peeta and the roles get reversed putting Peeta as her first priority.
Who loves who?
Strong willed, hunter
Lost her father in a mining accident
Poor- Lives in District 12
Becomes the symbol of hope: Mockingjay
Known Gale longer than Peeta
Family owns a bakery
Likes to bake & paint
Has a huge crush on Katniss since they were little
Lives in District 12
Strong, physically built
Lost his father in a mining accident
Has feelings for Katniss "Cat Nip"
Takes care of Prim while Katniss is in the Games
Poor- has a big family & lives in District 12
Who'd she choose?
After three amazingly-well written books, Katniss configured who she truly loved which was in the end; Peeta. Katniss had always loved Gale, but she quotes in the end of the third book that Peeta helped ground her rough side with his soft, personality. The love triangle existed more with Peeta than Gale because throughout their entire journey Peeta was there holding her hand. In this case Gale was the Cassio( a friend) and Katniss and Peeta displayed Desdemona & Othello.
Pictures: The Hunger Games
The Hunger Games: Katniss & Peeta Kissing Scene
Quotes From The Hunger Games
"Since the last games you've been different. I can see it."
"What can you see?"
"You know, you could live a thousand life times and not deserve him"
- Haymitch
Comparison Between Othello & The Hunger Games
The comparison between both books are viewed within the characters themselves. Katniss portrays the willful, trusting Desdemona, Peeta a man of higher position in society can be seen as Othello, and Gale a handsome, strong man who could get any girl would be Cassio. Both love triangles consist of two males and one female, and in both movies death is a surrounding matter. For example in Othello Desdemona and Othello died together, and in THG Peeta and Katniss were ready to eat the poison berries together instead of kill one another.
The End
By: Cara De Abreu
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