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Development of modern sport in Spain and Catalunya

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Stephan Van Uijtregt

on 4 October 2018

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Transcript of Development of modern sport in Spain and Catalunya

First clubs founded by foreign expat workers: 1889 Recreativo de Huelva
Afterwards big 3 quickly followed

Inauguration San Mamés “El Catedral” in 1913: oldest original ground.
A typical feudal European society
Until the late 19th Century…


Interest in origin of civilization

Rising Nationalism & falling apart of Established empires

Interest in Modernization
Some movements in society
WW1 & The Russian Revolution
Primo de Rivera Dictatorship
2nd Spanish Republic
Spanish Civil War

Spain at the Modern Olympics
In this era Spain was far from being the Sports
powerhouse that it seems to be nowadays.

July 1936

A divided society

Difficult/impossible to have a regular league

Promotional tours FC Barcelona (Mexico & US) & Basque National team (Europe) to gather money for the Republic

Many players/riders go to practice their sport abroad

Sport in support of the troops / militias (on both sides)
During the Civil War
National Representation
Sports & Regeneration
Interest in Modernization
1. Interest in Modernization

2. National representation

3. Sports & Regeneration of Pride
3 Reasons for sports development
Lucio Minicio
the first “Catalan” Champion (129 AD)

Captain of Barça
First big idol

Proto-Beckham: first sports star to use media and private life to project itself.
Pep Samitier
Spain’s most famous goalkeeper

Leaves Espanyol for Real Madrid for 50.000 pesetas.

Plays also for FCB
Ricard Zamora
The First Stars
One journalist wrote: “the swimming costume will bring back agility to our bodies, all the delight after having spent 10 months covered up from dawn to dusk”.

These pioneers did run into problems with the moral authorities such as the military governors and catholic women’s associations. Beach beauty contests banned 1930

Birth of the beach as a new scenario for sporting activities. (Barcelona, San Sebastian)

Undoubted American Thirties influence. Spanish women rivaled their foreign rivals for photogenic beauty.

Largely in Gràcia. Runs parallel to the birth of modern boxing in US
In 1930 American star Alf Brown fights Catalan boxer Josep Girones in the Monumental bullring. Huge story. Followed in November by Primo Carnera vs. Paulino Uzcudun fight in Montjuic
Development of Sport in Spain & Catalunya
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