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Every Droplet Count!!!

Sydney, Lucas, Hailey, and I have create a Prezi about conserving water! I hope we could convince you to be a droplet too! Please help us improve our Prezi! Leave comments in the comment area below!

Jennifer Truong

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of Every Droplet Count!!!

The Magic Elixir of Life
Water, also known as H2O, surround us everywhere. From the rain that pours down on our Earth to the oceans that surround our continent, but not all of what is drinkable. 2.5% of our drinkable water is contain in freshwater lakes or frozen in the glaciers and polar ice-caps. The earth's supply of water is not unlimited like you may think it is, but rather it is running out rapidly.
Our Own Demise...
Save Water... Save Life
Be a Droplet!!!
Every Droplet Counts!!!
previous aerator
Efforts of Conserving and Reusing
What have we done?!
By The Worldly Water Droplets: Anh Truong, Sydney Meech, Lucas Baker, Hailey Tollefson, Jason Uhlenkamp
about 750
about 625
10 seconds
10 seconds
Install or replace water Aerators
Take short showers
Take showers instead of bath
Buy water pressure
use rain water for watering plants
Plant native plants who adapt to area
Left over water bottles pour in plant
Stop water while brushing teeth
Check sprinklers to only water lawn
Volunteer to clean up lakes from litter
The Experiment to Prove
1000-625=375x6=2250x60=135000x24=3240000x365.242=1,183,384,080 mL
Without any aerators

wash full loads of laundry or dishes
Metaphorically we are called the droplets because we have reduced our usage of water. You can be one, too. All you have to do is reduce your H2O footprint. You can do so by doing the things we listed or find something else to do to conserve water. This is the plant we live on; This is your home. You can share this world with our future generation, if we can save it for them.
"No Water. No Life."
"No Blue. No Green."
~Sylvia Earle
It is just that simple!
How Can You Help Prevent the Nightmare Scenario?
Thank You for your time and we hoped to have changed your mind!
Every drop out of a faucet could lead to a drought for the whole world. Not only is there the problem of over usage but also pollution from factories and people can cause our waters to be unstable to drink. Another problem is something called the green house effect. The green house effect is caused by water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide building an invisible blanket over our Earth, which then can melt the frozen icecaps and glaciers into the salty waters. The finally one is the shocker. Believe it or not, dams are actually a problem. They hold our fresh water all in one place giving evaporation to take advantage of the still and fresh water.
Still don't think it is important to save water; well, the food farmers and gardeners grow will not survive without water. Plants don't just provide food but also oxygen we and other living things need to breathe. With no oxygen, food, or water this would cause our human population, along with other living organism to collapse in the ecosystem. These effects can critically impact our future.
The United States government created the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that prevents any company or person from causing any harm to the environment. Also there are ways of boiling water to purify. Scientists in labs are also concentrating on producing a chemical that will remove any harmful bacteria from the water. But the best way to get rid of unwanted minerals in water is by using a filter.
(Anh Speaking)
What I did first, was test my old water aerator. For ten seconds, I let the water run. I came up with about 750 mL of water as the result. Then afterward I had the water running again at the same time limit, but instead had no aerator on. The amount of water was 1000 mL. Then finally I measured the water with the new aerator, which then came up as 625 mL. Now after I did all the math I have confirmed that you can save over eleven million liters of water each year just by installing a water- saving aerator.
Slow the Flow! Save H2O! Play your part!
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