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Vienna, Austria

No description

amalea witteveen

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Vienna, Austria

I've spent the past year saving up parts of my pay checks to go on this trip. I will be taking a bus from my house to the Toronto Pearson International Airport (35$ one way). I then will board my flight with Lufthansa on Mar 29 at 5:55pm (8h and 35m direct), to Vienna International, then return on May 5 leaving at 10:35am (9h 35m direct) with Air Canada (1,180$). I will then rent a car when I get there and return it on the 8th day (40$ a day).
The hotel I have chosen is Parkhotel Schönbrunn. It is 104$ a night to stay here. Which is right in the down town area and close to everything. This hotel was an included breakfast, a swimming pool, a gym, a spa, and a restaurant and bar.
The restaurants I've picked is because of how close they are to my activities and that they are traditional Vienna food. s. Viennese cuisine is best known for its pastries, but it includes a wide range of other unique dishes.
Sit seeings/Actives
For my activities I choose many exciting cultural places. I choose to go see cathedrals, places, museums, and shopping malls, to really experience Vienna. I also choose to go to Parter which is an amusement park, and the highest tower in Vienna, Donauturm, to get more of fun parts of Vienna. Another thing I choose to do was go to the opera, and have chosen a show that's on during my trip!
My Daily Plans
Vienna, Austria
Day 1
Check in at the hotel
Lunch at Parkhotel Schönbrunn
Dinner at Schönbrunn Palace
Swim at the hotel
Day 2
Breakfast at the hotel
Day 3
Breakfast (hotel)
Hofburg Palace
Lunch at Hofburg cafe
Restaurants Brasvo
Glorriete bar in the hotel
Day 4
Breakfast (hotel)
Shopping at Donau Zentrum
Isola Café-Restaurant for dinner
Day 5
Breakfast (hotel)
St. Stephens Cathedral
Lunch at Da Capo Pizzeria
Shopping/dinner at the mall
Day 6
Breakfast (hotel)
Donauturm tower/Lunch at restaurant there
Austrian Parliament Building
Dinner at Steirereck
Day 7
Breakfast (hotel)
Museum of Applied Arts
Restaurant Mill for lunch
Schönbrunn Palace is a former imperial summer residence located in Vienna, Austria. The palace is one of the most important architectural, cultural and historical monuments in the country.
St. Stephen's Cathedral is the mother church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vienna and the seat of the Archbishop of Vienna
The Museum of Applied Arts, commonly called MAK, is a decorative arts museum located in Vienna
Cost $$$
Hotel (104$*7=728)
Car (40*8=320)
Food (80*8=640)
Actives (175*7=1225)
Flight (1,180)
Bus (35*2=70)
Total = 4,163$ or 3089.95 Euro
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