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Publishers: Let us take you digital.

No description

MBS Direct

on 22 February 2016

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Transcript of Publishers: Let us take you digital.

Let us take you digital. Best of Breed Technology that you can promote as your own Go from no digital strategy to a state of the art platform. Instantly make your books mobile and enhance them with additional resources Have access to
a library of more than 150,000 OERs
advanced analytics on student usage Need more reasons?
Use our e-commerce engine and let us handle the accounting
Or our APIs to incorporate our technology on your existing site Multifaceted Distribution System The Direct Digital distribution platform has access to more than 2,000,000 students and thousands of faculty members. Be included in unique marketing opportunities to better promote your brand to our large pool of institutional partners. Package of Services to compete in today's new digital age We can help you with email marketing to increase add-on sales and brand recognition. Our highly trained call center staff can handle all the customer support that comes with making the move to a digital product. Boost your online marketing with SEO and other best practices. DigitalTextbooks.com coming soon! MBS Ecosystem Target Audience Publishers that are small in nature but have good sales Jones and Bartlett Bob Jones Waveland Ave Maria St. Mary's They don't have the resources internally to make the move towards digital, but would be interested if someone else had the infrastructure. Potential Revenue Sales Verticals Upfront set-up fee Monthly Fee for services Per item fee for all books sold Next Steps Create targeted marketing plan
Identify a prospect list
Develop marketing and sales materials
Begin prospect outreach
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