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Fathers of Confederation: Robert Barry Dickey

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gilbert zebra

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of Fathers of Confederation: Robert Barry Dickey

Fathers of Confederation: Robert Barry Dickey
By Liam Sands
Full name and any titles
Robert Barry Dickey was a senator for Amherst Nova Scotia. He was also a member of the legislative council of Nova Scotia. In 1867 he was in the senate of Canada representing "The senatorial division of Amherst, Nova Scotia". He was a father of confederation.
Date and place of birth and death
Robert Barry Dickey was born on November 10, 1811 in Amherst Nova Scotia. He died in Amherst Nova Scotia on July 14 1903.

Family backround
Robert Mcgowan Dickey and Eleanor Salisbury Chapman were Robert Barry Dickey's parents. He later married Mary Blair. They had 5 children by the names of James Alexander Dickey, Mary Dickey, Ellen Dickey, Arthur Rupert Dickey, and Frank Stewart Dickey. Arthur Dickey was a lawyer before he was elected into the house of commons in 1888.
Interesting facts about childhood
Robert Barry Dickey got his education at" Truro Grammar school" and started law school in 1834 at "the Windsor Academy". He grew up in Amherst Nova Scotia.
personal life/ contributions to the confederation debate
Robert Barry Dickey attended the Charlottetown and Quebec conferences.
Book source: Canada's Prime Ministers
image sources
Robert Barry Dickey's son Arthur Rupert Dickey
Amherst town hall
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