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Hosting a Virtual Office, Class, or Meeting for Dummies

No description

Eric Wilson

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of Hosting a Virtual Office, Class, or Meeting for Dummies

Hosting a Virtual Office, Class, or Meeting for Dummies
What You Need...
Computer with Windows and Macintosh to Host

Internet connection

Phone connection

Account with CCC Confer and a Meeting Setup

If you plan to present, PowerPoint files
Apple Keynote users will need to export to PowerPoint or JPG
You can use Prezi with Follow Web command
What or Who is CCC Confer?
CCC Confer is a paid for real-time communication service from the CA Community College Chancellor's Office

Blackboard Collaborate

Hosted by Palomar College (also hosts 3CMedia Solutions)

Cost to use? - $0.00
CCC Confer Products
Meet and Confer

Office Hours

Teach and Confer

Call Confer

Identify, compare and plan CCC Confer and its powerful tools

Analyze how and when CCC Confer can be used

Obtain your own account on CCC Confer
Clicker Time
In the past, I used...

A) WebEx
B) LogMeIn
C) GoToMeetings
D) Mixture of these
E) None of these...this is my first time dude!
Clicker Time
I have HEARD of CCC Confer

A) Yes

B) No
Clicker Time
I have USED of CCC Confer

A) Yes

B) No
Clicker Time
What is your vision in using CCC Confer?

A) Online Office Hours
B) Online Seminars in Online Classes
C) Depart/Division Online Meetings
D) Mixture of visions...dreaming on!!

CCC Confer is idea to improve and enhance communication and learning experience
It is encouraged to use Seminars in online classes, but cannot be required unless stated in the course online addendum, catalog and schedule
CCC Confer CANNOT be used to subsitute your classes
CCC Confer can be used on rotation for meetings
Meeting on campus one month, online next month, etc
When conducting Office Hours with students, it is not recommended to record those conversations
CCC Confer Archives can be stored in your own 3C Media Solutions Account (also free and part of the CCCO)
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