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Jake Donnelly

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of WW2

Facism What is it?? Mussolini came up with the term
Opposite of democracy
NO individualism
Social classes are very obvious Post WW1 Mussolini How does Facism play into WW2? In facism, everything society does is to benefit the state. Hitler, chose to go to war in order to ensure that the Aryan race would dominate, which he thought would benefit the state.
Facism=Violence 1. Final Solution-Killing anyone not of Aryan race 2. Violence against anyone who speaks out
Mussolini goes into war just to
show how powerful the state is.
He was not as successful as Hitler, but still attempted complete control. To do this he used things as secret police, controlled the media, used propaganda, created youth groups. However...Facism didn't last very long. Weimer
What is it?? The Wemer republic was a democracy that was in place in germany between the years of 1919-1933. The Weimer Republic gave the citizens of Germany the right to vote for the president among other cabinet positions. There were many problems with the weimer republic, that caused the citizens of germany to no longer support it. After WW1, Germany didnt have enough money to pay all of its dues. Because of the economic problems plauging Germany, Adolf Hitler rose to power. The anger from citizens about the Treaty of Versailles is the main reason why the Weimar Republic fell.
Then, by 1930 the Nazi party was the second largest party. Stalin Stalin ruled Russia after Lenin died in 1924. He came up with a five year plan. Within these five years he would rapidly industrialize Russia and change its farming culture. He increased workers in cities, he also increased propaganda. He used collectivization, farms were run by collectives, and families could only have a small garden plot. This created a very widespread famine. But he instilled fear into his people, if they didn'f follow his plan they were killed or banished to Serbia. WW2 The Holocaust Nazi-Soviet Non Agression Pact In 1939 when hitler was preparing for war, he really did not want to make the same mistakes that were made in WW1, so he decided to make a Non-Aggression Pact with the Soviets. This shows the split up of territories created by the
Non-Aggression Pact. Munich conference This conference took place
in Munich,during this
conference Russia, Britain,
France, and Italy all met
to decide wether or not
action should be taken
because of what Germany
did to Czechoslovakia. Blitzkrieg AKA the "lightning war" Hans Guderain Rape of Nanking Battle of Britain TURNING POINT IN WW2!
WHY??? The German army completely
FAILED. When using their air
force to try and gain power. Operation
Barbarossa Operation Barbarossa was a code name. It was the plan for germany to invade the Soviet Union. It turned out to be another failure for Germany because he had lost a ton of troops in attempting to take the Soviets. Pearl Harbor Japanese Internment
Camps D-Day China/Japan After WW1 Japan gained a lot of power
while china lost power, and became torn
by imperealism. Then, in the treaty of Versailles China was ignored and Japan was
given the territory of Shangdong, even though China was promised this territory. Battle of the Buldge Invasion of Italy Mussolini was removed from power, but then he
was taken by the Germans who then put him in
Northern Italy. Atomic Bomb-
Hiroshima THE END Just Kiddin Outcome and Legacy The allies ended up winning
WW2 (which includes the US)!!
German Nazi's are tried, and some are killed for the horrific
acts that they commited under hitler. Also, men who commited
henious crimes during the Rape
of Nanking are tried as war criminals. America was in a good place after WW2 compared to other nations (
England, France, Germany, Japan as far as manufacturing.
The United Nations was also created.
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