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V-Photo Webinar

No description

John Iaria

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of V-Photo Webinar

Clinicians are mobile
» Need to access information while doing rounds

» Need to make decisions while away from the hospital

» Have been known to take photos of patient wounds on their own
devices and send these to other clinicians for advice and opinion

» 89% of doctors use smartphones and 51% use tablets -
100% consider a mobile app to be essential

» Securely encrypted information, only available to those with

» Clinicians will have the information they need to make the
right decisions while outside of work

» 100% of young training doctors surveyed
admitted to regularly using their smart phone
devices to take clinical photos, 85%
of whom said they had inexcess of 100
such patient images stored on their personal
Reduce Patient risk
» Clinicians won't need to wait until they are at the hospital
before making informed decisions

» Clinicians can sign off on reports and test results from any

» Staff don't need to wait for a terminal

» Fewer adminstrative staff are required to manage patient
Improve efficiency
» Clinicians won't need to wait until they are at the
hospital to make informed decisions

» Low upfront cost and can be easily budgeted for

» Saving to Hospital which may not be
able to afford the CAPEX of mobile devices
Save costs
» Information from disparate systems is presented in
the one easy to read format

» Can be overlayed onto any existing system
Utilise existing infrastructure
Physicians demand driving more EHRs to go mobile, 17 june 2013 American Medical Association

Australiasian Journal of Dermatology, Kunde et al, 2013
Gain greater accessibility and efficiency. Reduce risk with no changes to hardware or upfront investments in new systems
Mastering Smartphone use and photo sharing in Healthcare
March 12 Changes
Fines: $340 000 for individual, $1.7 million for institution
No need for complaint to be received or damages proven
A photo never cached to your phone

V-Photo saves photos directly to the patient record from a smartphone.

No copy of the photo is ever saved to the device.

No need for additional written or verbal consent

No need to delete photos from smartphone

Accessible to anyone with access to the patient record

Save Clinician time
V-Photo was designed by clinicians for clinicians

Updates in real time

Easy to use interface

Easy to use
V-Photo can link to existing data repositories to provide clinicians access to the whole patient record

Telstra and Verdi provide assurance of a large, well resourced company standing behind your solution with a deep pool of healthcare expertise and IT engineering to draw on

Trusted and Adaptable

0412 635 636 | 03 8662 0600
Mobile in Healthcare
Privacy Laws
Photosharing uses
V-Photo demonstration
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