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Lockheed Martin's Ethical Evaluation

No description

Bob Hope

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Lockheed Martin's Ethical Evaluation

Fred Ayoub
Lucas Kowalewski
Kritika Amatya
Alex Taube Ethical Analysis Going Green By 2012: Water usage, Waste-to-Landfill, and Carbon Emissions by 25% 2008: Water usage DOWN 11% 2008: Waste-to-Landfill DOWN 9% Lockheed's Initiatives 800-LM-Ethic
"Evening Star"

Game leader and 2-6 players
Game leader reads the scenario
Players choose a response from the list provided
Game leader reads commentaries for each response
Points assigned based on diligent response
How to Play Ethics Dilbert Predator Drone K Max Helicopter Extract wounded victims
Remote Location Control
Multi-functional aircrafts Unmanning the Battlefield Final Analysis Eco-Friendly Company
Philanthropic Employees
3,000 community service hours daily
Project Zero, Established in 2003

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