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Stock Market Crash

No description

Ashley Emmons

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Stock Market Crash

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli By: Ashley Emmons Stock Market Crash What is the Stock Market Crash? The stock prices rose and people rushed to buy stocks and bonds, because they were hoping to get rich from it, but they didn't think of the risks when they did this. Before the Crash The beginning of
"The Great Depression"
1929 -1940 The Stock Market had peaked in early September then fell on October 24, then took a plunge on October 29, known as "Black Tuesday". People tried to get their savings from the bank but couldn't because the bank invested it into the stock market. 600 banks had closed. By the time it was 1933, 11,000 banks out of the nations 25,000 banks, because the government did not protect or insure bank accounts. Unemployment Works Cited The Americans
By: Rand McNally Those who bought on margin had no way to pay it off. The Stock Market Crash is about money. People had saw the stock market rising and so many had rushed to buy stocks and bonds hoping to get rich, but then it took a plunge and millions were in debt. Share holders tried to sell before prices went even lower. The number of shareholders that were dumped that day was 16.4 million! Banks and Business Failures Businesses had gotten hit to from the stock markets too. The total output of goods and services were cut nearly in half, $104 billion - $59 billion. Million of workers lost their jobs, and those who got to keep their jobs got reduced payment and hours.

Unemployment went from 1.6million - 13million But not all people were bad off, some people sold off their stocks and made money before the crash. Even Europe had suffered from this. A chart of the stock market crash before and after. 1927 - 1933. A newspaper clipping from 1929. A chart of stock market from the beginning of 1929 till September. A newspaper clipping of "Black Tuesday" A map of Europe A sign for needing a job. A bank in 1929, with people trying to get in to get their savings. This chart is showing the $104 being nearly cut in half during 1929. A business in 1929. People in 1929 in a mob for jobs that will last for them. A money symbol to show that some people were still wealthy during the crash. An arrow showing the number of dumped shareholders going up. A newspaper clipping of the crash. A newspaper clipping when the Stock Market Crash started.
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