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Awesome Chick

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Oneirology

The study of dreams and sleep
Scientist say that we dream because our un-conscious part of our brain is getting rid of un-useful memory and the conscious part of our brain (the cortex) doesn't know what to do so it takes that sound and makes a story. Some scientist think that nightmares are supposed to help us in the real world, some researchers show that people with more terrifying dreams have better genes and process anxiety attacks better than people with fairly normal dreams, although I'm not saying dreams are normal, in fact dreams aren't supposed to be normal they are most often really random. Most emotions in dreams are negative so don't go around wondering why are all the nightmares happening to you, it's better to have nightmares because you'll be more prepared for anxiety or any negative emotion in the real world.
General Oneirology Facts
Oneirology is the study of sleep, how we dream and why we dream. Oneirology is quite hard to study because we can't see what's happening while we dream or sleep. It's possible to be awake and not be able to move, this is because you are in REM atonia, REM atonia is also the reason why we sleep walk and sleep talk which I'll get into more detail later.
Have you ever almost fallen asleep but then felt like you were falling and woke up? This is because when you're falling asleep all of the muscles are relaxing and your brain feels like it's about to fall so your brain sends a twitch to all of your muscles and wakes you up. This is also known as hypnagogic jerk.
Fun Fact
Sleep Disorders
There are many different kinds sleep disorders such as sleep walking, sleep talking and many more here are some of the many sleep disorders although I will not explain or name all of them I will only explain a few.
During night terror you can jump up sitting straight up most likely be panicking and screaming, night terror is caused because you are feeling fear while sleeping.
Night Terror
When you grind or clench your teeth when you are sleeping.
Rapid Eye Movement Behavior Disorder
Acting out

some of your dreams, if you have this disorder it's possible too hurt yourself or the person you're sleeping with.






Fun Fact
It's possible to be in a dream and be completely aware with the power of controlling your dream, this process is called "lucid dreaming".
Fun Fact
The average human spends approximately 224 hours a month sleeping. That means 2688 hours in an entire year which is about a third of how many hours are in a year 8766
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