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Drawing Comic Strips

An introduction to narrative art for my 6th grade students at Falcon Middle Schools. By reviewing the history of art's significance in "telling a story" students will develop their own characters storyboard to create a final comic strip drawing.

Andrea Slusarski

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of Drawing Comic Strips

How does art tell a story?
Can we read a drawing?
Narrative Art:
Art that tells a story, either as a moment or an ongoing sequence of events over time.
Anubis finishing mummification, Tomb of Amennakht
Tomb of the official Nakht, Thebes No. 52, 18th Dynasty.New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rogers Fund, 1915
HMM. . .
what does this tomb painting remind you of?
“Achilles Killing Penthesilea”Amphora Vase by Exekias
In this work of art, the artist uses the scene to tell the story of this battle in Greek Mythology.
“Whaam! A & B”. Roy Lichtenstein. 1963.
Artist, Roy Lichtenstein used comics
as inspiration for his paintings
Artist, Keith Haring, used the simple black outlines of cartoons to create fun movement in his works of graffiti art!
creating a cartoon:
A storyboard is a way for artist to organize all of their ideas first before creating a work of art, like a comic strip, book, or movie!
comic has to be about someone/thing?
where will your comic strip take place?
what's going to happen in your comic strip?
So do you think now you can tell a story with your drawing?
our project:
We will be creating our very own comic strips using our knowledge of proper drawing techniques!
1) Write/Draft your comic strip story (worksheet)
2) Storyboard your comic scenes.
3) Draw and ink your final comic strip
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