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Hogsmeade the City that Survived

No description

Saduni Smith

on 17 June 2015

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Transcript of Hogsmeade the City that Survived

Hogsmeade was created in a way that wouldn't harm future generations.
It was built with the environment in mind.
All the cities power come from safe eco friendly and renewable energy sources.
The natural resources that come from Hogsmeade are owed by the public
Fire Department, Police stations, Fly over the city, whenever they are needed, they fly down to the city
Life is everywhere in the city of Hogsmeade. The streets are thriving with energy and excitement.
Hogsmeade runs on an interconnected system of parks and gardens.
Hogsmeade the City that Survived
Hogsmead :What it has to Offer
Hogsmeade offers:
Whats So Great About Hogsmeade
There are laws in place that ensure the safety of the citizens EX. It is against the law to Uttering threats
Assault with a weapon or causing bodily harm
To anyone anywhere.
People can freely view the cities different parks and gardens.
People tend to be happier and healthier in the city of Hogsmeade
Hogsmeade grows its own food (Creates Job)
Public Transportation is priced very low
Citizens are surrounded by green space
Economic Effects:
Parks and Gardens encourages people to buy homes. Private gardens require fees to enter, gaining money for the city.
Social: Parks and Gardens impove the look of a city as well as reduce crime and eliminate graffiti
Safe sense of community
Self sustaining city
Tax dollars go towards important things
Encourages positive behavior
Wild life is protected
Helps connect people with nature
Encourages people to exercise
Hogsmeade VS. Today
Healthy Environment
to live in
A place that is
to live in
self sustaining community
, that doesn't depend on other cities for food and resources
A community that has a
strong economy

Affordable Transit


Affordable Housing
A place with
little to no crime
no graffiti
and a
good traffic management plan
500 years ago, everything went wrong. Global warming, nuclear war and
mass extinction destroyed earth. The remaining survivors of the seven nations bonded together to create a system of interconnected parks and gardens that could be accessed by all.
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