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Copy of Doppelgänger Brand Images

No description

Dianta Barus

on 3 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Doppelgänger Brand Images

Doppelgänger Brand Images
Table of Contents
1) Definition Doppelgänger Brand Images
2) Cocreation of Brand Meaning
3) Starbucks´ Doppelgänger Brand Image
4) Conclusion
5) Sources

Basically it's the criticism of a certain brand that has become popular through emotional branding strategies.

Focused-brand parodies are diagnostic tools to reveal the brand's latent problems.

-> oppose these brands, even plague them.
What is the doppelgänger brand image?
What is the doppelgänger brand images?
Types of Doppelgänger Brand Images
*Critiques of corporate capitalism
Highlights any cultural contradictions
Warns if the brand's
value is shrinking
offers insights about
to adapt to changes
* Cultural creation for public awareness
* Antibrand activists
iPod's Dirty Secret
Antibrand Activism forms
* boycotts
* demonstrations
* organized public relations
* informational campaigns
* "Joe Chemo" parodies of R.J. Reynolds'
Analysis of
Doppelgänger Brand Image

Brand image
European café

- cultural sophistication
- worldly engagement
- intellectual conversations

->place of conversation and individuality

Lack of Authenticity
The Cosmopolitan Motif
Local coffee shops:

- unique personality
- local culture
- individual


- uniformity (main-stream)
- worldwide standardization
- mass-market
The Owner/Artisan Motif
Local coffee shops:

- owner (authenticity, individual taste)
- personal connection between customers and owner
- artisan ideal (not serving masses)


- standardized corporation system
- impersonal
- serving the masses
*Portrays Apple as intentionally exploiting costumers by not offer a
replacement battery for this product.
by Cara and Van Neistat's
Culture Jamming
Cocreation of Brand Meaning
* Thompson, Craig. Emotional Branding and the strategic Value of the Doppelgänger Brand Image. Vol. 70 (January 2006). <http://research3.bus.wisc.edu/pluginfile.php/1090/mod_resource/content/0/Uploaded_Documents/Publications/Thompson_Rindfleisch_Arsel_2006.pdf>

* Kozinets, Robert V. Adversaries of Consumption: Consumer movements, Activism and Ideology. Vol 31 (December 2004). <kozinets.net/_oneclick_uploads/2007/12/adversaries_final.pdf>

Images sources:

* www.adbusters.org
* http://mrcheddahcheese.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/starbucks-coffee-culture-jamming-copy.jpg
* http://www.presseportal.de/bild/66650-logo-pressemitteilung-starbucks-coffee-deutschland-gmbh.jpg

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