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Donald Trump & Women

No description

Marisol Gutierrez

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of Donald Trump & Women

Educating Trump
Trump needs to be reminded of the fact that women fought for years to be able to vote and how far women have come along.

His attitude towards women and equality needs to change so he can see women work just as hard as men in politics and everywhere else.

He needs to learn tolerance and equality in diverse groups.
Another promise Trump will make is to create a program that benefits mothers.

The program will benefit mothers who are pursing a higher education or work.
This program will also make sure that women are paid equally to men.
It will allow them to balance all roles like being a mother, student and employee by offering resources and scholarships.
It will also be created so that it allows mothers to be students and employees
Example: taking time off for maternity leave without negative consequences and nursing mothers having lactation rooms everywhere.
By doing this he will be taking a stance against discrimination against women in work and helping them have a better education and work to be independent.

Women Voting
Problems with Trump
In Conclusion...
Donald's Trump reputation with women needs to promote equality. Through his programs he can create laws that protect women. He can also tell women to vote because their vote matters. By seeing more women in politics appointed by Trump women will create a new reputation for Trump.

Donald Trump and Women
Donald Trump's public comments about women have caused women to move away from even considering Trump.

For example, Donald Trump has called women names like ‘fat pigs’, ‘dogs’, ‘slobs’, and ‘disgusting animals" as a result of disagreements.
In 2011, Donald Trump reacted disrespectfully when a lawyer asked for a beak to pump breast milk for her infant daughter. Trump's reaction was to get up , angrily and tell the lawyer, 'You're disgusting, you're disgusting,' as he walked out offended.
In order to win the women's votes:
He will need to appoint more deserving women in leadership roles in the government. By doing so it will show women that he is willing to handover power and positions to women just as he would to men.

This will also show that he sees women for more than what they look like and acknowledge that women can be part of politics.
Donald Trump & Megyn Kelly
He is also known for making comments about women that are sexist. And thinks women are only as good as they look.
Donald Trump needs to be educated in being more understanding and will learn about tolerance and diversity through education. In this case, the group is women.
He needs to acknowledge the women who are already holding government titles and encourage women to vote by reminding them that their voice matters.
He needs to be re educated on the Woman's Suffrage Movement which gave the women the right to vote. The women who were part of this movement sacrificed and fought through being treated unfairly for wanting the right to vote.



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