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room 605

on 2 October 2015

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Transcript of "Bullying"

Why should bullies hurt other people? I think that they are trying to be cool. I want to say that bullying should be stopped and should not be allowed at school. If my friend is being bullied, I will tell an adult, and the adult will handle the situation and deal with whoever is hurting my friend or teasing. I just want the bully to stop because I don't like seeing a person being bullied.
Here is a music video
Hello everybody, I am here to make a presentation to let everyone stop bullying. People sometimes hurt others emotionally, mentally, and physically.
Don't be that kind of a person who always bullies another person just to appear cool. Be friendly to everyone.
This is the end of my presentation, and I hoped that you liked it!!!!
"A Story about Bullying"
Here is a story when a kid named John got bullied by another person named James. It all started during the First Day of School. Everyone made fun of him because he looked different, so people started to tease him. The next day, John went to school and James threw trash on him then, a girl named Michelle saw James bullying John and said "STOP IT JAMES!!!" Then, James did not listen to Michelle later, she told an adult so the adult was handling the situation. Later, I said "Hi" to John and wanted to be his friend. If anyone bullied your friend, you should do something. Don't just stand there like a statue.
It is not fun being bullied.
Look at these two pictures. it is not cool that bullies are making them sad.
"My Opinion"
My opinion is that people would just stop bullying because one time i had a friend named Nicole and people started to tease her about being short. Later she told me that she was moving to a different school because she got bullied a lot. When she said that to me my heart was broken because she was the kindest and nicest person that i had ever meant in my life. So please make your school a better place so people would not be hurtful by being bullied.
Make This World A........
LETTING ANYONE............
DOWN Just let everyone be happy!
Hi My Name is Michelle Padilla I am a 8th grader. And I will tell you about a presentation which is about bullying so let's get started.
Dare to be different

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